Top 7 Vegetarian Dishes In Kashmir Modur Pulao. Dum Olav. Lyader Tschaman. Sheermal. Nadir Monji. Kashmiri Baingan. Kashmiri Rajma.
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Here are some vegetarian delicacies you shouldn't miss in Kashmir. Dum olav blend of aloo in spices Sheermal made out of local fruit sheermal Nadir monji is a spicy snack made out of gram flour Kashmiri rajma had with Lachha Lyodur Tschamam made out of cottage cheese Khambir is a bread made out of whole wheat.
Foods are a crucial part of any trip and Kashmir excels in both. Aside from its natural beauty, the traditional food of jammu and kashmir every foodie’s dream. Not only will you find Mughal and Arab influences in the recipes, but many of them will also bear the stamp of a Kashmiri pandit. Unfortunately, the majority of kashmir traditional food are not vegetarian, but that does not rule out the possibility of vegetarian options. The Kashmir Food tour will take you on a diverse and delectable culinary experience. Enjoy the valley’s most scrumptious vegetarian dishes as well as a one-of-a-kind experience with Kashmiri delights.