Satara is better.
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Thanks. Happy to help.
Perfect. Thanks :)
Yes. much easy. Local buses and cabs are available.
And is it easy to find conveyance from Satara to Mahabaleshwar? Any tips for that?
Satara is near from Mahabaleshwar. And you can also visit some more places like Thoseghr watarfall in Satara.
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Step down to Satara.Its just 1 Hr from Satara. You will get bus at every 15 mins.
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Hi ajita, satara is anytime better option. It will take you around 1 hr or so to reach Mahabaleshwar. if you dont have better connectivity from Banglore to Satara, try to reach Pune first... From here you can either rent private vehicle or go with package travellers. Reaching satara from pune doesn't have much frequency. happy travelling... happy exploring....
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Your best bet is to take a train or bus to Pune . From Pune Mahabaleshwar is around 2.5-3 hour drive
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You should travel to Pune from Bangalore by any means, either by train or bus and then travel to Mahabaleshwar on a bus or Taxi. (It’s a 3-3:30hour ride) Hope this was helpful, Happy travelling.
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Board a bus from Banglore to Satara; from where you can get many option to travel to Mahableshwar. Don't board a bus to Nipani; you'll again need to change the bus there and alight at Satara and from there you'll get bus/ cab to Mahableshwar. Best luck for your travel!
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It's around 60 kms from satara and 120 kms from pune