The check-in procedure for American Airlines can vary depending on whether you are checking in online, at the airport, or using the mobile app. Here's a general overview of the check-in process: Online Check-In: You can check in for your American Airlines flight online through their website or mobile app. Online check-in usually opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. You will need your reservation code or ticket number and passenger details to access your booking and complete the check-in process. Once checked in, you can usually choose your seat, pay for any additional services, and obtain your boarding pass electronically. Airport Check-In: If you prefer to check in at the airport, you can do so at the American Airlines check-in counters. Locate the designated check-in area at the airport and wait in line to speak with a customer service agent. Provide your identification documents, such as a valid passport or ID, and your reservation details. The agent will assist you with the check-in process, including seat selection and issuing your boarding pass. Mobile App Check-In: American Airlines also offers a mobile app that allows you to check in and access your boarding pass on your smartphone. Download the American Airlines app, log in to your account or enter your reservation details, and follow the prompts to complete the check-in process. Once checked in, you can save your boarding pass on your device or access it through the app. Remember to check the specific requirements and guidelines of American Airlines regarding check-in procedures, as they may have specific instructions or changes due to factors such as the type of ticket, destination, or travel restrictions. It's recommended to arrive at the airport with sufficient time before your flight's departure to complete any necessary check-in procedures, security checks, and boarding formalities.