Well visiting OOTY is not a bad idea. There are government transport facilities and also private, but do check out the Forest Bandipur's gate opening and closing times. Usually the gates close at 6PM for entry and 7PM for exit. You can check out the exact departure of gov. transport at ksrtc website. Thank You.
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It will help me to plan trip accordingly.. It helped..Thank you...
We started early morning from Mysore, it was a good journey through Bandipur National Sanctuary(KA) and Mudumalai National Park (TN). If you go by car very nice experience, its 125 km from Mysore, the roads are very nice you can travel, very good speed in between Ooty and Mysore Bandipur forest, and in Ooty when I am going at the time full fogs covered, its better for car to travel. Roods are small, if you go by car it's a nice journey. The routes from Ooty to Mysore passes through Bandipur and Mudumalai National Parks, and the gates to that remains closed from 9 PM to 6 AM. So, if you are driving/riding, please ensure that you cross the gates before 9 PM. Also, when you are driving, please drive slowly in this section of the road, and be alert to the wild animals. Being a hilly region, the remaining portion of the road has some sharp turns, and hence drive safely.
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Thank you..! It was extremely helpful...
State govt bus
There is/are nearly 1 direct bus(es) plying between Mysore to Ooty.These bus(es) is/are State Transport Bus etc. The minimum time a bus takes to reach Ooty from Mysore is 3h 58m. The fastest way to reach Ooty from Mysore takes you 2h 44m, which is to take Tata Indica from Mysore to Ooty.The cheapest way to reach Ooty from Mysore takes you 3h 58m, which is to take State Transport Bus from Mysore to Ooty.