If you want to experience the biting chillness now is the right time to visit. Summers are warm though not much hot making travel to Sikkim pleasantable. If you want to explore extensively without hurrying, 15 days is much needed.
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Wow thank you 😊
Besides popular spots I will share a few other spots see if it will be useful. Barsey rhododendron sanctuary, Rolep, Kupup lake, Hee patal and Kaluk.
March is an ideal time neither too hot nor too cold but onset of summer starts.
Would March be preferable? πŸ˜€ And what all places do you suggest?
During winters white beauty can be enjoyed
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Best time to go Sikkim is to travel in winter you absolutely love it
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So not immediately?
The best time to visit Sikkim is in the month of April and May not so cold but if you like winters you should pay an visit in the month of december and January .If you want to witness summers then August and September should be you choice and make site you have Gurudongmarg in your list for sure best time to see this place is september .If you want to see frozen gurudong marg lake then january and feb is the best time . i hope it helps.
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Wow that's so elaborated. Thank you 😊