Hey! In twin sharing if you want to go alone pay some money as mentioned or you can take someone with you and pay his/her full trip amount as mentioned.
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Hey Sunny, Click on ' Learn More ' option of that trip, everything will be clear. In Twin sharing basis you can go alone ( but you have to pay some fixed money ) or can take someone with you ( you don't have to pay anything except the package amount of the 2nd person ). Happy travelling!!!!!!
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Bro that is a discounted price. This month Tripoto has not put free trips for solo travellers. Hope they will consider this issue.
Then how come this is free when I have to pay the amount
In Twin sharing there are only two options : 1) pay a fixed amount and go alone 2) take someone with you and pay full package amount of the 2nd person There is only one trip for solo travellers available on Tripoto which you can redeem without paying any money
If I don't have anyone to carry with me, then what to do, I also don't want to redeem it alone?
You can bring someone along if you want and you can also choose to travel alone. There some additional charges for twin sharing.
You need to take a person along with you. Other they also have an option if you want to go alone. You need to pay few extra bucks for that
In twin sharing, you can either pay for your fellow traveller or you can wait until the second person comes up.
Hey, In twin sharing, you will get a free ride while your friend or a family member has to pay the full price. But if you want to go alone then you have to pay the discounted price which is approx.half. Good Luck!! Happy Blogging!!
You can take someone along
Hi Sunny, Twin sharing mean two people in one room. Happy Travelling! Thanks, Yasmin