How to know, for what i got credit?
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You get credits for posting trips and/or photos and videos. You also get credits for answering questions. Everytime you earn credits, you get an email about it (atleast for credits earned for posting a trip/photo)
You will receive mail regarding the same. Credits are rewarded for putting up and answering queries.
You can utilize the credits to avail tripoto tours at discounted rates. 4rs per credit
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Thanks Hetal,
Why my credit is very less than other user?
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You can avail discounts for your trips.
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Can I book hotels too ?
1 credit is 4 rs..Discounts can be availed only on Tripoto packages.
So what does is value?
U can redeem it for ur trips
The only use you can make of credits is that You can use those credits to chose your trip from tripoto customised trips for cheaper price. for example if they have put a trip to kasol for 10000 , using credits it will cost you less. maybe 3 to 4 k less.
You get discount on packages offered by them upto 8000/-
These will help you to get discounts on trips offered by tripoto and the trips offered by them are great
U can redeem
U can redeem it 4 urs trip