Ranbir Kapoor's movies especially YJHD, ADHM
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Tales by Light on Netflix
Many to be honest. Some Youtube content creators are also awesome like Alex Chacon. Watch the series Long way round. Movies like Somewhere else tomorrow, motorcycle diaries, a journey to the top of the world.
No technology during traveling...only enjoying the journey,long roads and beauty of nature
For me it's the movie "Roman Holiday. I like to watch it on 123movies on when I go somewhere. William Wyler made a lot of wonderful and very different films. With Audrey Hepburn I always liked "The Children's Hour" and "How to Steal a Million". There's also Funny Girl with Barbara Streisand and the old but wonderful 1946 film The Best Years of Our Lives. Oh, and Wyler directed the first version of "Ben-Hur".
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I often watch the movie "Titanic" on app Cinema HD APK download at TechToDown.Com when traveling, a very touching movie that makes me never get bored.