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For example?
Hey! You can actually make a trip out of your traveling! If you think some place you are visiting is worth to showcase to people you can arrange trips for them! Secondly you can make videos and start uploading it on YouTube it will give you a crazy reach if the traveling you are doing is unique!
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You could teach new languages You could be a great travel writer You could help many travellers answering their travel queries You could be a great tour guide You could volunteer Be a social media travel influencer by creating inspirational travel content and videos.
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Thankyou radhika you have helping alot of people by answering their quiries. i have seen your answer in forum and they helped me too.. 😀
Would love to earn via answering questions by travellers - what are some of the ways really ? Most forums are community driven and we don't get paid a dime for spending time and carefully providing curated itineraries.
An important thing is to decide how much you want to earn while travelling - that's going to be a key. If you are happy to base off at around 5 lakhs a year - there are quite a few things including content writing etc.
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Ya 5 is enough, i would love to know more about it
You can work as a freelancer. Travel Writer Copy Writer Digital Nomad Creative Writing Social Media Influencer You can work as a volunteer Or Any Work As professional artist such as yoga, music , dance, painting , teaching etc
Photographer writer animation creator social media influencer Editor videographer