Make travelling your hobby
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Leave the job and get on a solo trip for 2 months with zero contact to your past life, just roam around and get to know if this is the right decision made!
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Yes that's what i wanna do planning for it for so long but parents are like kuch krle life me
Depends on your present situation, if you let us know what you do right now it would be easier to say than saying the generelised tips
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Bro I'm a Travel photographer and a filmmaker by passion.
Have a will for it and be ready to do continuous traveling and also do loads of work on your travel itinerary and post travel things to earn money along it
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Believe in yourself is the very first step.
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Sounds good πŸ‘...keep doing this
Yeahhhh right. Ofcourse i believe in myself that's why I've been doing this for four years now.
Passion, vision, determination AND basic study about the place
Passion and patience
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It means I'm on the second step. Tell me the second
Never wait for the next opportunity, every day is one
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Yes being optimistic is the one.
I think First thing is you should have passion for the travel because it's not just the beautiful mountains or a calming takes a lot of effort to plan all this..if you are accepting all Pros & Cons with a full beam smile you are ready for this...
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Will Check out πŸ‘
Totally passionate for it. I have a Instagram handle where i put my travel pictures and videos. I would love, if you would check out my passion towards traveling. This is my username on Instagram @lazy___ish
Travel often
Leave your current job πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£
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If i say i don't have any job right now?