Any local food. No restriction
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As per budget
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Less carbs, more protein during the day and good fats at night..
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I personally prefer light foods mainly vegetables and salads and liquid diet if possible.Thank you please upvote if it helped🙂
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I personally prefer both veg and non veg food because both are essential for human body.
Heavy Breakfast
You should take rich protein diet it will help you to boost your energy ex.eggs,sprout etc
It totally depends on you eating habits , if you are a health freak then eating street food will give you some stomach prob and if you are a foodie like i am then go for exploring local , it has lot of advantages ,helps the local ,you get fresh food and you get to know the food culture.
Try to eat simple food. non oily, less spices. salad, juices, fruits, coconut water, lots of water. glucose. try street food if digestion system good. try local food but it's not healthy then just taste it don't over eat
Heavy breakfast and heavy dinner... that's it
It's always best to try local cuisines while travelling. and I always eat light when I am on a road trip 🙂