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Airbnb: They provide everything ,mini pool,jacuzzi last but not the least kitchen. Having own kitchen makes Airbnb a great option where u can make anything & most importantly chaai any time. if you are a chaai lover like me then there is nothing to say, case closed😜.
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Case closed man, if you get to cook and make tea, thats the best. I stayed in Manali in an Airbnb and that was the best experience i've ever had.
I personally prefer Airbnb when we are a group as it becomes easy stay all together ,and hostels or hotels if I am on a solo trip or with a friend .
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Yes, hostels for Solo.... and Airbnb for long stays or with friends.
Air bnb, because it has options for hotels and home stays that to under budget.
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Yes, too many good options and you get to live among the locals there....
Hostel only... where are you going ?
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After Corona, maybe Bardrinath and Mana route, let's hope it all ends soon!
Rajasthan in Winters.
Depends, If its a quick day or 2 days stay, I just book a hotel or a hostel. If long term where I might want a kitchen would go for airbnb. So answer is combination
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Yeah i agree with you on that, Airbnb has this thing of discounts on long term bookings and that saves a lot of money....
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Hostels over both
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Hotels...for service
Airbnb. cheaper (well, mostly)
Hostels... 😇 no to both
Airbnb as few if them have heritage