Hey Aakash, Following are some of the restaurants serving indian food in Paris: 1. Sagar Matha 2.New Jawad Longchamp 3.Le jardin du kashmir 4. New Jhelum 5.Bollynan Grands Boulevards 6. Bollynan Montorgueil 7.ParisFeni These are the indian restaurants in Amsterdam: 1.India Roti Room 2.Mount Everest Tandoori 3.Sherpa Restaturant 4.Pind Punjabi Indian Restaurant 5.Foodhallen 6.Koh-i-noor These are the indian restaurants serving in Interlaken: 1. Taste of india restaurant 2. Restaurant Spice India 3.Pizzeria Toscana 4.Royal Spice India 5.Shalimar 6.Rang Mahal Indian and Arabic Restaurant Happy travelling!
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Great info!
As of Amsterdam is considered Sarvana bhavan is the best.✌️