If we keep our imagination at side and check pulse of indian tourist,traveller then following are the 10 places frequently visited in our country. Agra,Amritsar,Nainital,Ooty,Jaipur,Goa,Bangalore, Shimla,Mysore,Srinagar. To be frank,these destinations deserve to be in top 10 and this list in in descending order of most visited places in 2019.
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We are agree
Depends on what you like. Most frequent one is GOA.
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Himachal and UK
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Hey! There are so many!! Trekkers love places like Kasol, Chopta, Nag Tibba, Manali, Tehri, Ladakh, Kerala, Gokarna, Hampi, etc. Then snow lovers usually like Bir, Shimla, Srinagar, Kullu, Mussoorie, etc. Also the best forests are found in either the east or the south. Some people love deserts too and so appreciate places like Jaisalmer. I personally love waterfalls so places like Shillong and Sikkim are my kind. Honestly I can go on and on there are only so many places one can go!
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I think it is difficult to give the "most frequented tourist destination" tag to any particular place in India given the myriad number of places that you simply can't ignore.
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Himachal and goa
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Himachal & Uttarakhand for North people ooty & Kerala for south people
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There are many.The destination depends upon your plans and getaway purposes.
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