GoPro 11 is best
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Dslr era is fading away Go pro is rugged and tough compact camera with good features its an action cam for adventure Activities Mirrorless cameras are in high demand nowadays and i've also switched from dslr to sony mirrorless with g master lens. The benefits of attaching lenses and the big sensor is an advantage. If you love adventure go for go pro For professional photography mirrorless Good luck
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It will depend on your requirements. If you want to capture stills of people and places with sharp details then go for DSLR/mirrorless. Mirror less is advanced and latest technology so if u want to have the latest ones in hand u can go for mirrorless instead of dslr. but a good mirrorless with a good lens set won't come in 55000 so you can go for DSLR. And if you are keen to shoot videos with super stability, want to take selfies with wide perspective and are an adventure loving person ready to take your camera under water. Go for GoPro
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If you're looking for action videos and traval blogging, go for GoPro. else buy a Mirrorless