It is just impossible to compare between mom and girlfriend. both are beautifull.
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What a reply....! Beautiful comparison. :-) Please specify Which is Mom and which is GF?
Uttarakhand is classy. Himachal is beautifull.
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They're both great... Just a little difference that I saw was Himachal is more into Hippie stuff while Uttarakhand is not into that.. Plus Uttarakhand has this peaceful vibe... I don't know if anyone agrees me on that... Do you?
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Yes, HP is more commercialized now.. I went to Chopta in UK in 2018, they still didn't have proper hotels and electricity. Everything was solar at that time. And for instance, Kedarnath movie was shot there on the Tungnath Trek and barely anyone knows that.. 🖐🏻
Dis is the perfect answer I am expecting from traveler. I completely agree on your answer as HP is tourist place now, happening, more crowdy, commercial, and very few destination known for its beauty. In,fact Uttrakhand is Devbhoomi with full of peaceful places with many highest peaks. Overall UK is
Himachal Pradesh Anytime..!! too many treks Superb climate Beautiful Landscapes freezing cold Air..!!
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Thanks Rajeev, This will help me in my next blog. I have visited both the states but need to find the feedback of travellers as well.
Himachal.. yes it is beautiful! no comments about Uttarakhand as yet to visit..
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Please visit Uttrakhand after lockdown and compare yourself. Hope then I will get my answer from you soon. Also, Uttrakhand is very less explored but it have more and more beauty to experience. It would be much better if you can discuss about UK before visiting. Thanks Neha.
Not possible to compare. Both are beautiful and unique
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Each one has their own unique experience. Visit both and you shall know that you cannot compare.
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HP anyday, its more pristine and less touristy
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Uttrakhand. HP is full of tourists and is crowded always. on the other hand there are places in uttrakhand which are still unexplored.
Uttarakhand is less commercialized and high in serenity....and still there are lot of places which are unexplored
Tough one. Both are amazingly beautiful :) I prefer himachal just a little bit over Utrakhand