Best time to visit Meghalaya is September - December. This time, the waterfalls are in good volume and are very beautiful to look at. It is a really good and safe place to explore, so go ahead without any hesitation.
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You should visit meghalaya during start of winters. Everything is at its best. And its totally safe.
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Yes! it is very safe, no doubt. Visit Meghalaya anytime between late October and early December. it's the best time!
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You can visit Meghalaya in this winter. November to Early January will be appropriate time .
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Yes Meenakashi it is safe.I visited there in April 2018.Threre is a government tourism office in Shillong from where daily buses on share basis go to all points in Meghalaya.Bus will drop you back to shillong after every evening.It will take you 4-5 days to cover all points.. You can ask any query related to above.
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Thank you so much????
I have sent images of the itinerary and contact no of the office to you
One problem is that as I read news many strikes are happening in Assam and it comes in the way of meghalya so will I get bus after such problem?
The ideal month I would say is November. Though the ideal duration is September to Mid January. Try spend 2 days in shillong and 3 days in cherrapunjee. There are other places for trekking in meghalaya. Safety point of View- The place is safe and people are welcoming.. I would suggest you to check out my blog for the same.
In winter. Specifically September- January
October to April ..And its totally safe!