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My plan was amarnath yatra with my father but now this is not possible
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I hope your trip will be successful once this pandemic is over.
I am locked down in Malaysia at the moment, so plan is to explore something local once the interstate travel is open in this country :)
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Ofcourse, goes without saying! I am going to travel only once it is safe 😊
Ya... please visit but health comes first.
I really miss mountains. . so probably some village in himachal
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Like will not go to North India... any mountain in South.
Even I am planning the same.
Take a bike ride 250kms away from Mumbai towards my native. BEACH PLEASE
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That's an amazing idea.
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Ya... this will be a must place.
This year I wanted to go on atleast one international trip and I made a booking for Bhutan. Mostly after all this end I would prefer to go ahead with my plan.
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But I will suggest, avoid international trips for atleast a year.
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This is also in my bucket list
Badrinath dham Yatra
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Nice place to visit.
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Nice, it's also in my bucket list.
Kedarnath Yatra and chardham yatra
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Nice choice.
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Beautiful place it is.
Anywhere in Himalayas for a month minimum
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Umm...I don't think it will be very much safe to travel far away so I will go to my village have fresh air and food 😄
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Ur heart
Mahabaleshwar - Maharashtra. Will be playing safe at least for next few months so within the state is what I have planned. Which place you are planning bdw?
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Right now I am in my hometown "Jharkhand". So planning to explore this it.