Yes !! I have noticed the same in this month i.e., top contributors in may
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They didn’t changed month title yet so
Month changed may be that’s why
I guess one can get credits by posting a single pictures also. This month's top contributor, he does posts a lot, sometimes even a single picture.
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Haha true Poorvi 🙌🙌
I think he is doing fine. we need to learn from him and change, if we want to compete. But,if we love basic,forget about these all competition and only share which you love to share. Tripoto will no way give free trip to anyone fooling it.They are also here to do business.
Yeah 😝 'spamming' is a better word for his posts 😂
It's simple. They're trying to keep the new comers engaged more and more so they'd be stuck on their platform.
It's mostly random
It is random