Because people used to give first priority to their comfort. But the fact is true traveller may not go for it. Travel it self is the new exploration of life. But most of the people don't know about it so they go for hospitality and waste a lot money in it.
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The real living is outside our comfort zone.
Each to their own. Some people romanticize travel in the most ruggard way. And others don't. I have spent any where from couple of hundred Rs to over a lakh per day on trips. Nothing wrong with either approach. Everyone had their priorities and no one has the right to judge what others spend on
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They wish to have a good stay.... and good food to be healthy and feel fresh for next adventure or to visit next destination...
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Yess that's a big problem .. they like to live in virtual not in practical
The real problem is people wish as wishes are only granted in fairy tales.
Well in today's age safe and secure accommodation is a mandatory for many travellers.Also the accommodations that come with hefty prices provide you with best services, food and entertainment.
For that extra bit of luxury probably. We cant call it "wasting" as such coz it all depends on one's ability.
Hospitality comes in the form of service provided to guests.While traveling to places people want their stay to be memorable and that is what comes through great hospitality.People would return back to the same place if they are treated with good hospitality
I have been through both kind of travelling within my comfort zone and out of my comfort...with luxury and backpacking...definitely exploring the place is best done when out of your comfort zone but I do have set of friends who look for good hospitality first while planning I guess it's depends on the type of traveller you are.
Those who can afford it, i believe they should get all the comfort they can