The only safe place right now is your home where you are currently staying...Nowhere else
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Spread over 1,200 coral islands and atolls in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is one of the most isolated countries in the world. With a population of roughly 540,000 spread over 200 inhabited islands, Maldives might be the 11th most densely populated nation on Earth. But the figures are largely isolated to the native islands. The fact that the majority of the world thinks that the country is expensive to visit all year round ensures lower tourist influx. With that being said, while premium resorts are on the higher side of the price spectrum, numerous budget hotels and guest houses balance the equation. With the rising demand for budget accommodation in the country, finding a pocket-friendly solution is not much of a hassle. In fact, most of the Northern islands closer to Male are slowly developing into backpacking hubs. If you are still non convinced, here are 3 reasons that prove Maldives islands are the safest place to be amidst corona virus. 1. Scientists believe the corona virus is more likely to thrive in places with a colder climate. The average temperature in Maldives is around 32 degree Celsius all year round, making it the ideal retreat for escaping the pandemic. 2. Despite the higher population density in the mainland, some of the smaller islands have a population of less than 100 people. This significantly reduces your chances of exposure. 3. All tourists with a passport valid for at least 6-months, confirmed accommodation, and a return or onward flight ticket are eligible for a 30-day visa on arrival free of charge. Furthermore, tourist visas can be extended for an additional 90-days for a charge of just $50. Some remote island resorts even accept month-long bookings for double bed rooms for a meagre $1,800. That is all you need to shell out on accommodation for a month-long vacation in Maldives. Sounds like an exotic way to avoid COVID-19 and enjoy a serene holiday without hurting your pocket! Visitormaldives is offering exclusive deals on an array of travel packages, hotel, and resort bookings. Visit our website for the best prices on existing deals and stay updated with seasonal discounts. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest pictures from recent excursions.
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