As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Chennai International Airport has already been operating from its integrated terminal, the Chennai International Airport Terminal 3 (T3), for both domestic and international flights. The shift to the integrated terminal aims to streamline operations and enhance passenger experience by centralizing facilities and services. While the integration of domestic and international flights into a single terminal can bring changes, it is designed to improve convenience and efficiency for passengers. Here are some potential effects passengers may experience: Improved Connectivity: The integration allows for better connectivity between domestic and international flights, enabling smoother transfers for passengers connecting from one flight to another. Consolidated Facilities: Passengers will have access to shared amenities and services within the integrated terminal. This includes common check-in counters, security checks, baggage claim areas, and lounges, which can simplify the travel process. Enhanced Facilities and Services: With the integrated terminal, there is potential for upgraded facilities, expanded retail and dining options, improved lounges, and better passenger amenities. These enhancements can contribute to a more pleasant travel experience. Clear Signage and Guidance: The airport authorities typically provide clear signage and guidance to assist passengers in navigating the integrated terminal and finding their way between domestic and international sections. Potential Changes in Layout: The layout and infrastructure of the integrated terminal may differ from the previous separate terminals. Passengers may need to familiarize themselves with any layout changes to ensure a smooth travel experience. It's important for passengers to stay updated with the latest information from the airport authorities, airlines, and travel agents regarding any changes in operations or procedures. This can help passengers plan their journeys accordingly and minimize any potential disruptions.