A beautiful hamlet called JIBHI


Picture yourself waking up to the sounds of gushing river and pretty birds chirping around. And when you open your windows, you see yourself surrounded by huge Cedar trees and lush mountains. Walking by the slender lanes and nature trails, you see shepherds strolling with folks of sheeps, pahadi women merrily walking to farms with kilta baskets and kids on their way to schools. And you stop-by to eat home-made savoury siddus at small shops. This place relaxes you and the most intuitive thing that you would want to do there is nothing! You would want to sit at the banks of the river, read a book, soak in the peace around you and relish the views. But the wanderer in me couldn’t resist the temptation of walking through the forest. Visiting the Jalori pass and ruins of Raghupur fort at the top of lofty mountains. Hitchhiking back to my place, chatting with the locals and then lying down by the river bed as the sun sets behind the huge mountains. Ya.. this gem of a destination situated in remote Banjar Valley of Himachal Pradesh is as sweet as its name, JIBHI.

Watch the video as I explored JIBHI solo. :)

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