Moving to Mountains | Episode 2 | Mudhouse Experiential Hostel | Jibhi, Tirthan Valley


A lot of us dream of leaving the busy cities and moving to mountains to live a life of clean air and unadulterated peace. But there are very few who actually leave the rat race behind and pull it off.

In this series I'll be in search of such inspirations and real life stories to decipher that is the grass really greener on the other side.

On my first ever solo trip I ended up at Mudhouse Experiential Hostel. A vision of Rahul Kumar , a film maker with Nat Geo, who sold off everything and relocated from bustling Delhi to the quaint scenic village of Jibhi in Himachal to setup a small world for the like-minded travel community.

They say positivity is infectious, and such are the vibes of this place that along with hundreds of travelers, it also brought in another Happy Soul - Manpreet Deswal - a trained pilot and a chartered accountant who is now living his dreams in the mountains. Manpreet is a friend of Rahul and is now the experience architect of Mudhouse.

It didn't take me long to realise that Manpreet is very much like Jibhi - raw, unpretentious & welcoming, with very simple mantras of life.

Mudhouse is just not a hostel, it's a home for all the city-bruised souls. And there have been innumerable instances when the travelers came here just for a weekend and ended up spending weeks

So If you need a little motivation to change the course of your life, let these stories be your catalyst.

Mudhouse Experiential Hostel: