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Plan Your Europe Trip With A Local: Get A Customised Itinerary And Save On Costs
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By the end of this session, you will

  • Get a completely customised itinerary based on what you want to explore
  • Be able to book your vacation at much lower costs
  • Get insights into some amazing offbeat places that only locals know about
  • Plan your trip, stay, local transport, sightseeing and more

An adventure. A retreat. A celebration. A journey. 
Travel can be whatever you want it to be.
And that doesn’t have to be the same for any two people. 

With our one-to-one sessions, we are transforming the way you travel to nurture your experiences and customise them the way it works for you. Our hosts are travellers who have spent years in the city – breathing, exploring, experiencing it. 

What will you get?

In this 30-minute one-to-one session, you will be able to have a discussion with the host on your travel style, what you are looking for, your budget and recommendations on what you can do, where you can eat, local transport and interesting activities in the city.

  • The host will send you a detailed itinerary 24 hours after your session
  • The customised itinerary will have details about hotels, food, flights and local transport
  • Your trip will be planned by a local who has spent months exploring the city of your choice
  • There are no travel agents involved in the process. You are free to book your deals on your own

Why should I go for this session?

  1. You will get information from a traveller who has experienced the city like a local. From the best local restaurants, places to shop, activities you simply can’t miss, tips to travel within your budget, when to book flights and local transport – all this on your fingertips. 
  2. Since our host will give you some amazing recommendations, you can book them on your own and save on the commission for travel agents
  3. Whether you prefer extreme adventure sports or want something safer since you’re travelling with children, whether you want to visit all the museums or all the sporting venues - your itinerary will be 100% customised to your interests

Meet your hosts

Aswathy and Sarath

Aswathy and Sarath are a couple from Kerala. They moved to Geneva in Switzerland in 2018 for their respective jobs. Outdoor activities has always been a favourite with the couple and what better place to explore their travel dreams than Switzerland.

Travel style

Aswathy and Sarath are both backpack travellers where they explore each place like a local. Hidden gems, far off hiking trails, unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences is what both aspire towards. 

Experts for: 



Prageet is working in France for the last few years and is absolutely in love with the city. She is an expert traveller and curates absolutely wonderful trips for herself.

Travel style

Prageet is an off beat traveller who will give you information about the best and most unique places in and around France. From local experiences, gorgeous cafes to hidden gems, she introduces you to a new world.

Expert for: 



Karishma Shaikh is an Indian living in Paris for the last 7 years. She has travelled extensively in Europe and is an expert in the art of budget travelling. If Europe is on your bucket list and if budget was the only thing stopping you, Karishma's your go-to person. 

Expert for:


Bookings are non-transferable. You can’t share, tamper, download or make a copy of the one-to-one session.

Tripoto is not liable for the recommendations given by the hosts. Tripoto is only responsible for making the experiences and host's services available through the Tripoto platform.

We will not be responsible for any bookings that you make after one-to-one sessions.

Tripoto is not responsible for any booking or third-party vendor discussed during the one-to-one session.

All bookings for Tripoto Experiences are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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