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Hosted by experts in the travel industry, Tripoto’s online experiences cover a wide range of topics. You can find online workshops related to alternate careers, entrepreneurship, fashion, photography, videography, and make most of your time at home!

Live Sessions

With a ban on travel, travel lovers are now satiating their wanderlust by exchanging knowledge and building skills with Tripoto’s online experiences. From building a social media presence to opening up a cafe in the mountains or just learning how to balance travel with a full time job, these affordable and quick sessions can help you turn your passion into a profession during the lockdown!

Benefits of Online Workshops

  • Flexible timings and no restrictions in terms of venue
  • A chance to build skills and catch up on one’s interests
  • Lower costs and a comfortable learning environment

Topics Covered in Tripoto’s Online Workshops

1. Social Media Marketing


How to Become a Social Media Influencer?

Over the past few years, Influencer marketing has become the talk of the town. It has become a mainstream marketing channel adopted by not only the big brands but also many startups. One of the platforms that are directly impacted by the wave of the influencer industry is Social Media. In the currenht times, all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more are powered by influencers. Tripoto’s Online Experiences are hosted by top influencers from the travel industry, who you can teach you the tricks of the trade, and help you become an influencer yourself.

Tips to become an influencer:

  • Use your passion

The first step in becoming a better social media influencer is identifying your interests. Once you have selected the category you want to post in, start your research. Make a strategy, communicate with people, produce engaging content, and optimise content as per your audience. 


  • Choose your platform

After selecting Niche, the next step is to choose your favorite social media platform to create/customize your profile. Once you are doing the right activities on the social media platform, people start noticing you.


  • Create for your target audience

Targeting appropriate people allows you to gain new followers who are interested in your content. So, having a clear idea about who your audience is, helps. The good engagement rate on your post is the faith that users are following you. So, keep posting engaging content and go for something unique and exciting every time.


  • Impression that stays for long

What you post should be unique to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Using relatable topics helps the posts to be liked and shared more. Communicate with people to know their stories, and try to be be honest, and transparent for more authentic engagements.


2. Instagram Marketing


How can Instagram marketing help your business grow?

In the current times, Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications. There is hardly anyone we know who’s not updating their Instagram ‘story’ by the minute or checking up on the latest memes and trends on the platform. According to Social Pilot’s 2021 statistics, Instagram is one of the most active social networking apps with 84% user engagement. This is one of the major reasons why all businesses, either small or big, want to connect with the Instagram audience. The platform has a wide range of users spanning different age groups, ideologies, demographics, and hence it becomes easy yet competitive for businesses to reach their target audience.

As pandemic has transformed the world into virtual reality, Instagram has become a great platform to promote products or services. This platform is bombarded with millions of handles; celebrities, influencers, brands, common people, and whatnot. However, there are many challenges brands face to mark their mark in Instagram marketing – With changing algorithms, it’s difficult to stay at the top of your game when it comes to the right Instagram marketing strategy. This is where Tripoto’s online experiences come in. You can attend online workshops on various Instagram-related topics on Tripoto at affordable prices, that are workable for all businesses in 2021.


Tips for Instagram Marketing Strategies In 2021

  • Define business goals 

Before jumping on Instagram marketing, your business needs to define the goal with the targeted audience you want to approach. Along with this, find the right influencer who is perfect for promoting your product or service. Instagram influencer marketing plays an important role here. Once the desired goal is set, you can work on the accomplishment and roads to be taken for the ultimate success. Tripoto online experiences explain such tactics in detail and are useful for everyone from beginners to small businesses.


  • Create compelling content and visuals

Instagram is a visual medium. The post you publish explains a lot about your context, business, target audience, and many other things. You may not need any professional photography tools, but your photos and videos should hold the user's attention.

The other important point is to stay active on your profile, which means publishing often, putting stories, running campaigns, going for Instagram affiliate marketing, infographics, animation, and more. Besides, your visual content must be attractive. A great picture is good, but if it is not reflecting the idea your brand is promoting, it will not attract a follower.


  • Go for a unique brand look 

Appearance is what all matters. The more beautiful, unique, and creative your story will be, the more audience you’ll attract. To make the aesthetics of Instagram, you must work on colorful effects and recognition. Your Instagram posts should be consistent to help followers easily identify your content.


  • Engage and convert 

If you want to reach out and engage with people via the Instagram handle, you need to evolve more. The post will require a good-quality picture with the right amount of filters, not ignore comments, follow and create hashtags, and expand the network. While engaging in the initial part, start replying to the comments on the post. Make sure you present yourself in a way that is not advertised. 

Learn more such hacks for Instagram Marketing with Tripoto’s online experiences.


Things to know about Instagram growth 

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media apps that have come a long way. Earlier, it was meant for entertainment, but now the scenario has changed. You can promote, sell, influence, connect, educate, collaborate, and do much more on Instagram. Therefore, it has become an ideal platform for people to put things out, but you still need the right Instagram growth strategy to ace the market to get the results.


Now, every year thousands of people make their debut on Instagram with different goals. Some want to expand the business and reach clients; some want to get famous, while others want to become influencers. To get an identity on Instagram, the primary requirement is Instagram follower growth. The maximum followers on your account, the more acknowledgment it gets. 

Tripoto’s online experiences’ hosts teach some really effective strategies for Instagram growth. Here are some organic Instagram growth hacks:


  • Who you want to connect with? It means your target audience.
  • What do you need to say? The purpose of your Instagram presence.
  • What can you give to others? It talks about your engaging activities. 


Key fundamentals for Instagram growth

  • It's wise to describe a centralised plan that serves as a road map for achieving your Instagram target before you try anything else. Define your desired follower level and the number of leads and purchases you hope to generate on a given day.

  • To optimise interaction with the target audience, it is best to develop a content creation strategy. Apart from that, brands often want to track business patterns and competitive ideas by visiting the relevant pages. Post pictures and videos that your target audience will enjoy. To maintain a stronger brand perception in the eyes of your customers, you should consider investing in graphic artists and visual graphs.

  • We also recommend that you upload a variety of content, such as animated videos, infographics, and slides, run promotions, and have compelling stories, among other things. According to the 80/20 rule, 20% of the content should be focused on sales, while the remaining 80% should be focused on your product.

  • You may take into account feedback on related blogs. It aids in gaining an understanding of consumer requirements. Build a landing page as well so that your followers can learn more about the content you've shared. You can also use Tripoto's proven Instagram growth guidelines to create a solid online profile and attract followers.


3. Content Marketing


Content is the major factor in any form of marketing. If your piece of information and style of conveying has a strong flair of attraction, the user will read it no matter the word count. How to create impactful and user-engaging content? This is a common question that brands are struggling with nowadays. Tripoto’s online experiences have the answer. With content, people also need to pay attention to the marketing channel. If you have got the marketing right, you may see an improvement in your brand image. It also helps build a community, revenue generation, and many more. A relevant and reliable piece of information with strong marketing skills can do wonders for the business overnight. This is the power of Content Marketing. 

Tripoto’s online workshops focus on teaching you how to enhance the quality of your content along with its marketing strategies. Being a leader in the travel content domain, what’s a better platform than Tripoto to learn about content marketing?


What does Content Marketing entail?

If you believe that marketing content means writing and publishing on various platforms, you are mistaken. At present, the correct definition of Content Marketing is to create a relevant strategy to design and promote Content to get the target audience’s attention and conversion also. Now, what are the key elements of impactful Content Marketing? 

There are four important aspects to promote content on various channels. It includes uniqueness with creativity, brand positioning, strategic planning, and market trends awareness. If you keep these fundamental goals while penning and promoting Content, leads will increase for sure. 


Here are five impactful components that any Content Marketing strategy should consist of:

  • Honesty in your draft
    To write a user-engaging copy, your content should have honesty. When you put determination and honesty together, hard work pays greater than you thought.
  • A map to reach the audience
    What is the particular audience that you create Content, what is their need, and does your Content appear like an engagement cycle? If you have marked these questions in your Content map, you may create an effective piece of copy that helps accumulate the right audience for your business.
  • Your Story
    Many times writers miss talking about their story, which may lose the user’s reliability. If you present your story with a great scenario, the audience finds it interesting and easily connects to dive deep. This helps in gaining a long-term reliable audience.
  • Marketing Skills
    The writer should have adequate knowledge of the platform that belongs to their story. Promoting the Content on a suitable platform can help get maximum user attention and connect to the integrated brand conversation.

You can learn more about content marketing with Tripoto’s detailed online workshops.


4. How to start a Homestay in India


One of the most trending businesses in the world of travel is running a homestay! With corporate professionals quitting their jobs to move closer to their favourite travel destinations such as mountains or beaches, and choosing their passion over corporate race, homestay business has taken a new meaning. As the trend goes, the idea of opening a Homestay in India is loved by many. However not many people know where to begin and how to start homestay business in India. This is where Tripoto’s online experiences hold their USP. Having an exclusive list of homestay owners as their hosts, Tripoto’s online workshops can help you with your Homestay business ideas, and kickstart your career as a homestay owner!


Here are the key points on how to start homestay business:

  • If you borrow a place, make sure your landlords are well-known about the scent. They get the approval in writing.
  • Now, you may need to see the theme and background for the room when you get permission. One should also look for furniture.

  • If you want to make a better home, we recommend paying attention to the guest’s primary facilities. Such cosmetics, towels, WiFi, cutlery, refrigerator, etc., are included.

  • The picture speaks a thousand and is very applicable to the Homestay business in India. If you plan to take your business, you must prepare for your home-stick beauty. Some tips for taking great photos. Please take it during the day so you can get enough natural light. You can consider asking for help from a photographer friend!
  • Please note that every state has a different procedure for Homestay procedure. Likewise, if you want a Homestay business in Uttarakhand, you need to follow a complete set of guidelines. If you want to know how to start a Homestay business in Uttarakhand, read further.


Some simple steps to start homestay business in Uttarakhand

  • First of all, for a Homestay in India, you need to get permission from the Local Government on paper.

  • Select the property for Homestay business; work on the property, which means re-furnishing, paint, essential facilities like cooking, cutlery, WiFi, and more.

  • The owner should check all the basic amenities.

  • Once finalized everything, take attractive pictures of the house. Try to get photos from a professional photographer for a good impact on the host.
  • Keep an eye on the online booking procedure and provide all the basic details.
  • Don’t forget to mention the contact details, email address, Homestay property address, owner name, and other essential information.
  • Explain the set of rules formed by the owners to the host. This also explains the compensation of any material at the property.
  • Once the host stays completed, get feedback, post it online to engage in activity, and build trust.


Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and you need to know a lot more before you make the decision of starting your own homestay. Consider registering for Tripoto’s online experiences on the topic for more in-depth and hands-on information.

Written By Rashmi Vanwani. A travel enthusiast who loves to write, Rashmi juggles a full-time job and a part-time travel blog.

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