Camping in Parashar 2-Days, Parashar Lake, Parashar Rishi Temple

28th Nov 2019

Hey Wanders,

So we started our Journey for Prashar from Mandi Himachal Pradesh it is 49 KM from Mandi but roads are pretty off for the locals its easy to drive at night but if you are going for the ver first time then you should Drive at day time as turns are pretty sharp towards Prashar.

ABOUT PRASHAR - Prashar Lake lies 49 km north of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India, with a three storied pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage Prashar. Sacred lake atop a mountain, with a 13th-century pagoda-style temple built on its edge.

as it is holy sacred place and local has lot of faith so you should respect and maintain silent as well as cleanliness around the temple also Prashar Lake has one floating Land in it which they believe it float slowly and with weather and wind it floats.

you will see different Prashar Lake in every season during summers It all brown, during monsoon it goes greens & obviously during winters it all went White so one can experience all the difference in each weather.

we witnessed brown Prashar as we we're there in November and It was fall season.

to see how we camp in Prashar you should my youtube video also want to mention hthat Prashar has very limited numbers of campsite so you have to book prior if you are planning for trip there.