1st Sep 2018
Photo of Budva,Montenegro 1/4 by Huluban Sergiu
Old Town , Budva

We arrived in Budva , Montenegro on the first of September . The road to this beautiful city was long because we traveled by the bus and it took us nearly 20 hours . But when you arrive there it is totally worth it . The city is full of life and it looks very exotic . It is cheap too , far cheaper then Croatia and Greece . A pizza is around 5 euros , some pastas are 4,5 and a scoop of ice cream is 0,5.

Photo of Budva,Montenegro 2/4 by Huluban Sergiu
The Citadel , Budva

You can take the boat to the nearby island, Sveti Nikola , which has amazing beaches and it's a wilder experience . There are a lot of these experiences in Budva . You can take a semi submarine and see the underwater world .

The beaches are with stones , not sand , and you need some special shoes for swimming but you can find them at the local shops for around 5 euros. We usually went to the Mogren beach which is a local favorite . You can even pay a private boat to take you to the greatest swimming locations and it's only around 20 euros per hours.

Photo of Budva,Montenegro 3/4 by Huluban Sergiu
Mogren Beach . Budva

We visited Kotor too , which is about 1 hour from Budva , it's a gulf with a beautiful old city and a castle on the mountain . It's a long climb but it's worth the view.

Photo of Budva,Montenegro 4/4 by Huluban Sergiu

Montenegro it's a beautiful place that it's worth exploring and you can do that quite cheap. I really encourage anyone to go and explore the beautiful old cities and swim in the blue and clear sea.