Mehtab Bagh 1/12 by Tripoto
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Indians- INR 5, Foreigners- INR 100
September - May
Couples, Families, Friends
7 out of 96 attractions in Agra

Mehtab Bagh

This is the garden you will find opposite the Taj Mahal which was made by Emperor Shah Jahan. He called this the moonlight garden or a place from where he could best admire the Taj. This was the same place where he wanted to get a twin of Taj Mahal built in black Marble to be a mausoleum for himself but could not put hs plan into action. From recent excavations another central garden along with the remains of as many as 25 fountains have been found here. This garden is almost always filled with people especially during the afternoons and the evnings who sit here and admire the beauty of the Taj Mahal while the cool breeze from the River Yamuna soothes them.
Aprajita Parkash
A drive away, we reach the Mehtab Bagh and walk in. The entrance looks not so pleasing and a thought comes of taking a wrong decision, but as we go further, something mesmerizing happens. The history says, Mehtab Bagh was developed to be a garden behind the Taj Mahal on the other side of the river to constitute the Black Taj there and bridge them up over the Yamuna and thus we see the history standing right in front of us. The view from the Mehtab Bagh is of the back of the Taj and due to the distance between, we get the chance to capture the complete area around the Taj Mahal. The world's wonder freezes us and can keep us so for hours, but as the sun sets, the place is set to close. So as the sky changes towards the dark, we move out for a dinner.
Romantic retreat:Shah Jehan built this garden during 1631 to 1635 A.D. as a part of his grand mausoleum, the Taj Mahal, dedicated to his wife. Its name sounds supremely romantic: the moon garden. Shah Jehan planned this bagh as an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of Taj Mahal on moonlit nights. As if two lovers decide to meet under a full moon sky to have a quiet time of their own. Death doesn't matter. Time doesn't separate them. Their love remains eternal, to be relived again on the banks of a moon-bathed Jamuna.
Sreshti Verma
The gardens of Mehtab Bagh are under 2km from the homestay. Lying on the flood plains of Yamuna River, the charbagh is situated on the north of the Taj Mahal and overlooks the Agra Fort on the opposite side. An morning walk to Mehtab Bagh is a great way to start your day!
Abhra Ghosh
Our next stop was Mehtab Bagh, just on the opposite bank of Yamuna of Taj Mahal. The place has nothing much to see except a great view of the Taj Mahal along with the mehemankhana of both side in a single frame!!
Venkateswaran Sekar
One amazing place to be with ur soulmate for a long chatty walk in this part which is just behind the Tajmahal. Lovely place !!
Amrita Kumar
An unmatched view of the Taj early in the morning, it wasn’t called ‘moonlit pleasure garden’ by the Mughals for no reason. There are plenty of trees and orchards in the surroundings of the Taj and the Agra Fort. A stroll here will be the best way to start your Agra trip.