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Mehtab Bagh

This is the garden you will find opposite the Taj Mahal which was made by Emperor Shah Jahan. He called this the moonlight garden or a place from where he could best admire the Taj. This was the same place where he wanted to get a twin of Taj Mahal built in black Marble to be a mausoleum for himself but could not put hs plan into action. From recent excavations another central garden along with the remains of as many as 25 fountains have been found here. This garden is almost always filled with people especially during the afternoons and the evnings who sit here and admire the beauty of the Taj Mahal while the cool breeze from the River Yamuna soothes them.
Kushagra Sharma
Taj MahalBelieve me, if you really wanna have a pleasant experience of visiting Taj Mahal, you should wake up really early in the morning and be there as soon as you can. I literally mean as soon as the Taj Mahal opens for public which is 6:00 AM. I didn't wake up early and I believe I have a reason to it. It gets a bit difficult to travel with a kid plus I got infected with cold the night before. So we reach there at 12:30 pm and there were thousands and thousands of people there. The queue to get inside the premises was not that long but once you reach inside the picture is completely difficult. Will continue to add more information and photos here.......
Kushagra Sharma
Makemytrip Always MMT according to me is the best when it comes to getting the hotels booked. The one which we booked was Maple Grand and the hotel did not let us down. It was actually better than our expectations and was very close to Taj, just a km away. We got it for 2500 INR a room including breakfast.Taj Mahal Closed On FridayFor the first timers, Taj Mahal is closed on Friday and honestly I was not aware of it but anyways my anniversary was on Friday so we had no other options. Friday happens to be the best time to visit Mehtab Bagh from where you can still have a pleasant view of Taj Mahal and being Friday you won't see any crowd like this :Mehtab BaghSo as mentioned above, we decided to go visit Mehtab Bagh on Friday and hopefully get some good photos. The one above is taken from Mehtab Bagh during sun set. The key is Right time and Right place and off-course right camera settings.There are a lot more that I can upload but I will try to keep it short.
If you are yearning to get another unobstructed view of the Taj without the hassle of queuing up and getting inside the main compound, head to Mehtab Bagh where you get clear views of the monument. Best time to go would be the sunset which also gives a great photo opportunity.
Kartik Kumar S
Mehtab Bagh :Mehtab Bagh is another place in agra and most ideal place to witness tajmahal from a distant location.It lies to the north of Tajmahal on the opposite side of yamuna river.Over the course of time the floods and the local villagers have damaged the park to such an extent that it was left with the remains of ruined leftovers.Frequent floods have deposited the alluvial silt during early 90's.After it was taken over by ASI, they undertook restoration work to bring back its divine grandeur by planting more trees.According to the reports Shahjahan wanted to built a black tajmahal for himself in the vicinity of Mehtab bagh before he was taken as prisoner by Aurangzeb.The best time to visit mehtab park is during early morning hours or during the sunset times.It about half an hour ride from tajmahal. The entry will be allowed from 6:30am onwards.There is a barbed wire at the edge of mehtab bagh and is under constant vigilance by security guards.If lucky one can spot deers running on the shores of yamuna river towards mehtab bagh.The place will be devoid of tourists during morning hours so you can find solace seeing the golden rays of sun kissing this magnificent architecture.I wanted to witness it both during the sunrise and sunset.Few images i had shot from mehtab bagh can be seen below
Aprajita Parkash
A drive away, we reach the Mehtab Bagh and walk in. The entrance looks not so pleasing and a thought comes of taking a wrong decision, but as we go further, something mesmerizing happens. The history says, Mehtab Bagh was developed to be a garden behind the Taj Mahal on the other side of the river to constitute the Black Taj there and bridge them up over the Yamuna and thus we see the history standing right in front of us. The view from the Mehtab Bagh is of the back of the Taj and due to the distance between, we get the chance to capture the complete area around the Taj Mahal. The world's wonder freezes us and can keep us so for hours, but as the sun sets, the place is set to close. So as the sky changes towards the dark, we move out for a dinner.