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3AM - 10PM
A dip in the holy water. Observing the plaques and memorial slabs inside the Gurdwara.
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Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib)

The Golden Temple also known as Harmandir Sahib is the holiest Gurdwara situated in Amritsar. A Sikh guru named Guru Arjan designed the golden temple and installed the “Adi Granth (Holy Scripture of Sikhism)” in the temple. In 19th Century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh took over Punjab and defended it from the attacks of the neighbouring regions. This was when he covered the top floors of the Gurdwara with Gold which helped the temple to make a distinct place in itself, and also it got the English name. The Gurdwara is surrounded by a lake, which consists the “Holy Water” and three Holy trees. Many memorial slab and plaques are placed inside the Gurdwara, which commemorates the past events.
Vignesh Shunmugam
Time: 6:15 AM
Pradyumn Dhakad
Amritsar; a holy city for sikhism because of the holiest shrine.....ummm take a guess, okay I know that everbody knows about The Golden temple.I went to amritsar during scorching heat of may so I will suggest if you are planning for amritsar plan during winters.I stayed in Gostops hostel they provide bunk beds for budget travellers like me. Gostops is around 700 meters from golden temple so you can visit anytime by walk. They have amazing rooftop common area. I visited golden temple during night time because of the hot weather. When I first layed my eyes on this shinning architecture I was mesmerised. The reflection on the water makes it much more beautiful.
Swati Goel
Since we have had nothing in lunch,we had amritsari kulche from famous Bharawan da dhaba. Then we went inside the temple, had langar there, in the evening we shopped for amritsar's famous juttis and had some local delicacies near Golden temple like kulcha bun, dahi bhalla, kulfi etc. If you love fast food then those options are also there around Golden temple like subway, MacDonald, dominos, Gianis for ice cream etc. Then we returned to our hotel and had a good night sleep after a hectic day.
Atul Verma
Waheguru ji
It was a new day. We wake up early as we had plans to travel 2-3 places because we had train in night the same day. First we went to Golden Temple because we couldn't go there in the previous night. We visited golden temple. It took us 2 hours in line to visit the temple because it was Sunday. Then we had tasty Kada Prasad. But still we were hungry. So we went outside and had very tasty and delicious amritsari kulcha. They are so good I can't even tell you. Never had that kind of Kulcha in my life.