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A dip in the holy water. Observing the plaques and memorial slabs inside the Gurdwara.
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Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib)

The Golden Temple also known as Harmandir Sahib is the holiest Gurdwara situated in Amritsar. A Sikh guru named Guru Arjan designed the golden temple and installed the “Adi Granth (Holy Scripture of Sikhism)” in the temple. In 19th Century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh took over Punjab and defended it from the attacks of the neighbouring regions. This was when he covered the top floors of the Gurdwara with Gold which helped the temple to make a distinct place in itself, and also it got the English name. The Gurdwara is surrounded by a lake, which consists the “Holy Water” and three Holy trees. Many memorial slab and plaques are placed inside the Gurdwara, which commemorates the past events.
Shivani Vyas
But to calm all the feelings evoked by the two place before was the Golden Temple. I always laughed and questioned people who said that when they went to some place they felt peace, because frankly I had never felt that until this time. Sri Harmandir Sahib commonly known as the The Golden Temple is one place I can truly say that would make you feel good and bring a bit of peace to your mind and soul. This place brought the emotions of being in touch with the God. There are so many people to help you through out it feels good but at the same time it made me feel I should also be devoting some time here and provide some sort of service to the visitors. I felt that doing bhajans for hours for chanting mantras will never bring close to the almighty but just providing water to people at that place would certainly do that. The calmness and serenity that place hold even though there might be atleast 50,000 people at a time it a complete bliss and you feel you are connected to God throughout your journey there. I would really say that if you ever want to just visit one place to connect with God , this would be the right one!Let's get a bit more perky now with the fun things I felt. If you have read my bio you would know I just live to eat and shop and what better place in the country than this place. I'm personally not a big fan of Parathas, but let me tell you the parathas near the Golden Temple or Lawrence Road are simply amazing. Every meal my heart and stomach both felt happy with the food. The super sized Lassi which I could never finish to the mouth watering Kulchas (P.S. I'm feeling hungry right now while telling you all :P) everything will give you a foodgasm! The people who serve you are always so happy and smiling you feel at home and they are always ready to help you and that extra serving just goes somewhere and you don't even realize it. So if you feel happy when you eat then this is for you to visit.A girl can never have enough shoes and that's what I abide to. This place has so much of culture to two different countries you tend to pamper yourself with some retail therapy. The juttis and mojaris in vibrant colors from pinks to oranges with ghungru to phundas everything fascinated me and to tell you I was feeling like Carrie Bradshaw buying the Manolos or Choos. The small shops have the Desi Punjabi Juttiya also the Pakistani traditonal footwear with all the bling and dazzel and let me tell you it will be a very hard time to pick and choose and after trying about 20 pairs I ended up buying 5 of them. This is not the end of the spree, the place is visited by designers and fashionistas from all over the world for the colorful handiwork called Fulkari. The floral thread works are hard to miss and when I entered the shops to buy, it made me feel a full Punjabi kuddi in those patiala salwar and floral kurtas. Girls if you love to shop till you drop this place should be on your list!!This is what I wanted to share with the world where just a small place can make you feel everything a human can feel in a lifetime at a time and whether you are an Indian or Foreigner this should be always on your travel list!!
Mohit Behl
Mohit Behl
Mohit Behl
An early morning visit to the Golden TempleWhile anytime is a good time to visit the Golden Temple, popularly known as Harmandir Sahib, early morning is particularly special. It's a different feeling altogether to be there before the break of dawn and see life buzzing around the Amrit Sarovar, and the temple emanating an unparalleled golden glow. But there is a whole lot more to explore inside the Gurdwara complex. Make you sure your experience is a well-rounded one. The Golden Temple Guided Tour by City On Pedals takes you on a full round, covering every inch including the Akal Takht, the Sikh Museum, and the World's Largest Community Kitchen that offers food to over 100,000 devotees a day.
I saved my time for the last destination as listed, and it was Golden Temple. I reached the temple premises at 2:30 pm. The time you enter the premises, you are hypnotised by one of the most beautiful views. The Temple is so beautifully engraved that you cannot take your eyes off it. I decided to go for darshans first and stood in the Que, which took me almost 45 minutes to enter the main temple. The soothing verses from holy book, the mouth-watering Karah prasada, it just soothes your mind and soul. After having darshan, I went to one of the largest kitchens, where almost 35000 people in a day are fed for free. The food is mouth-watering and the feeling to have it with such a huge crowd where it is prepared in such a huge amount, with almost zero wastage is phenomenal. After having Langar, I again went to the temple premises to sit there for a while. The chant of the verses is very peaceful, the sarovar, the fish, the sun rays, the temple with its reflection in the water is just beautiful.Luckily, I could capture the Golden Temple in my camera at dawn. The lights, the reflection of temple in water were so beautiful that, I couldn’t stop myself from capturing it repeatedly. It is a place where you should visit for the peace of your inner soul.