Kesar Da Dhaba 1/9 by Tripoto
Eat- out
Rs 500 for 4 people approx

Kesar Da Dhaba

The pride of the Amritsar Cantonment, this small dhaba serves delicious Punjabi food at low costs. The dhaba is inside a small lane and so it is better that you park your vehicle outside the lane. The servings are huge and one plate is enough for two people even if you are starving. Their authentic spicy, Punjabi taste with the sweetness of the thick, creamy lassi is just superb. Their specialties are their stuffed parantha thali and lassi. Desi Ghee is what they put in most of their food and so be prepared to let your diet regime go for a toss and eat here to enjoy real Indian food.
Shashank Sinha
Minor Culinary tour perhaps?
Pooja Shah
Lunch was at another very famous Kesar da Dhaba (Difficult to locate, but the rickshaw valas will drop you at the right location). Parathas were dipped in Makkhan and Palak Paneer and Dal Makhani in ghee
Sarthak Johari
Kesar da Dhaba
Adete Dahiya
Drishti Naik
I ended my last lunch at Amritsar at the extremely popular Kesar Da Dhaba, which is perhaps the most popular food joint in Amritsar. And, boy they are right. I would suggest to try one of their famous thaali's and gulab jaamun, which is mouth watering. Nothing short of perfect to end my Amritsar trip.
This place is every bit as good as Zomato says. The food menu is limited but again, that ceases to be an issue after you've taken a bite of the lachha parantha which is oozing with ghee. Try the dal fry and cholas and for dessert, definitely order the Phirni. It'll be worth it.
Trisha Mahajan
4. Amritsari Thali Order a special thali comprising of laccha parantha, Dal Makahni, Chhole, and Dahi Bhalla, and you will not be disappointed. The paranthas dripping in desi ghee are sure to send your dietitian's warning alarm ticking, but this meal deserves a cheat day. Bhravan Da Dhaba near Golden Temple, Kesar Ka Dhaba in Katra Jaimal Singh (old city) and Inderpuri on Cooper road (near the pull) are the best places to have this meal. Finish your meal with a delicious Firni (crushed rice pudding).
Gayatri Manu
Don’t give up on the dabah as you squeeze past a cycle rickshaw and get lost for the nth time trying to find its location. The heavens will sing to you when you finally find it and the air-conditioned yet frugal dabah will provide some respite from the summer heat. A burly man will walk to you without a menu and demand that you place an order. Expecting you to have researched what to order for, like the other nervous tourists who sit beside you. When he places that cold lassi in front of you, you will pray that your already full stomach does not fail you. The legendary kulcha with enough ghee to run an Indian household for a month will arrive and that burly man will crush it right before your eyes with his man-hands to prepare it for the mortals. After the meal, feeling like you can’t move and have to be airlifted is a perfectly normal reaction.