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8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Photography, History Tours
Rs 10/person (for Indians and citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries.)
September - May
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Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves were created along an amount of about 600 years beween the 5th and the 11th centuries. They are today preserved as Artistic History monuments which keeps surprising people on the generations. These caves unlike the Ajanta were never discovered and are the exact same people that have been in historical days known as Verul Caves. The caves certainly are a several kilometeres northwards of Aurangabad and extend along 34 caves such as Buddhist Chaityas or shrines and Hindu and Jain Temples. The Earliest excavation that you will discover here is the Dhumar Lena in Cave 29. The absolute most attractive is however the large Kailasa Brow in Cave 16 which will be also known as the largest monolithic framework in the whole world. From the very historical days, the Ellora temples and caves have attracted tourists and devotees the exact same way as ever. Residing at Aurangabad Major is the best selection through your trip as typical Ellora Visits are structured from here.
Dr. Yadwinder Singh
एलोरा महाराष्ट्र में औरंगाबाद से 20-22 किलोमीटर दूर अपनी गुफाओं के लिए प्रसिद्ध है| एलोरा का नाम यूनैसको की विश्व विरासत सथल की सूची में शामिल हैं| यह खूबसूरत गुफाएं दक्षिण के राष्ट्रकूट शासकों के काल में बनी थी | एलोरा में पत्थर को काट काटकर गुफाएं बनाई गई थी| हर गुफा के सामने थोड़ा सा समतल मैदान बना हुआ है| एलोरा की गुफाएं हिन्दू, जैन और बौद्ध धर्म से संबंधित है| एलोरा इन तीनों धर्मों का सांझा सथल है| एलोरा में कुल 34 गुफाएं है जिनमें से 17 हिन्दू गुफाएं, 12 बौद्ध गुफाएं और 5 जैन धर्म की गुफाएं है| मैं जब होमियोपैथी डाक्टरी की मासटर डिग्री करने के लिए महाराष्ट्र के परभणी शहर गया था तब मुझे कालेज से एक दो छुट्टी होने की वजह से इन खूबसूरत गुफाओं को देखने का अवसर मिला था | परभणी से ट्रेन लेकर मैं औरंगाबाद पहुँच गया| फिर औरंगाबाद से एलोरा की गुफाओं को देखने के लिए गया था| आप चाहे तो एलोरा गुफाओं को घूमने के लिए औरंगाबाद से कंडक्टड टूर भी ले सकते हो| जो आपको औरंगाबाद से एलोरा और उसके आसपास भी जगहों को दिखा सकता है| एलोरा भी गुफाओं की कलात्मकता का कोई जवाब नहीं | एलोरा की मूर्ति कला लाजवाब है| मैं भी एलोरा पहुँच कर टिकट घर से टिकट लेकर एलोरा की गुफाओं को घूमने के लिए निकल पड़ा|
Ajinkya Redij
We left Pune at 6:30 am on Friday, reached Aurangabad at 11 am, took a short halt at our hotel and left for Ellora caves at 12:30 pm. Pune-Aurangabad route is a 2-lane state highway and are well maintained. We reached Ellora at around 1.30 pm. Parking for four and two wheelers is available nearby. There are 34 caves representing three prominent religions: Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Kailasa is the main attraction of all the caves from architectural point of view. From Ellora, we went to Bibi ka Makbara which is approx. 29 km from the caves. Bibi ka Maqbara is an imitation of Taj Mahal and is also known as Taj of Deccan. Then we went to Silver Art palace near Taj Residency to buy some local artwork. You can buy some amazing bindri art-work and silk/cotton saris made with Himroo fabric. For dinner we had delicious chicken kandoori rassa (black curry) with roti in a nearby restaurant named Lotus. Also, Tara pan center in Aurangabad is famous for its more than 50 pan varieties and a special 5000 Rs couple pan- so don’t miss out on those. While travelling through the city, you will come across multiple gates strewn across the city. Aurangabad is famously called as City of gates (52 gates in total). Other places to visit in Aurangabad are Daulatabad fort and Panchakki. Ajanta is closed on Monday and Ellora on Tuesday and is open from 6am to 6 pm on other days. The best time to visit is rainy and winter seasons.
Vivek Jadhav
I reached Ellora and with me, one foreigner also got out of the bus. I approach him and asked if he needs any guidance. We both headed towards the main gate and got our tickets (cost = 30rs). Mark was a solo traveler who came from Israel to explore India, he had been traveling since days and had been in some parts of South India and will be going till north. His journey was a motivation for a beginner like me. He helped me in taking some snaps and then he was on his way to explore the caves. Ellora is considered as one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are over 100 caves out of which 34 are open for the public. The main center of attraction was Cave-16, the Kailasha Temple which is made from a single monolithic rock. I was amazed by seeing the artwork and captured various on my phone. It was a treat for the one who has an interest in history as these ancient monuments had many things to say. I walk around all the caves one by one and it was beauty at its best. It was 5 pm in the clock and I had done with Ellora caves I took a local auto back to the city.
It was built during 757-783 AD by Krishna I who was the uncle of Dantidurga. Built during the 6th to 8th century in the Kalachuris period, the Hindu Caves were built in two phases. Caves 14, 15 , 16 were built in the Rashtrakuta period.We are amazed by its beauty and carvings.The shiva temple is very beautiful.
You guys should definitely visit this place at least once, otherwise you'll miss out on something so incredibly made.👽