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Day 5: ShakhiWe did a day trip from Qabala to Shakhi district. First we went to Yeddi Gozel (seven Beauties) Waterfall. This mountainous waterfall flowing from the highest peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and locates in Vandam village of Gabala. The waterfall is not that big but the place is good just to relax and enjoy food or a cup of hot tea in the lap of waterfall. Good place for kids. When we visited the weather was nice so we had a nice time. There are many stalls selling fresh fruits, honey and jam. Post that we visited The Palace of Shaki Khans. It is a beautiful small palace with hand painted ceilings and walls telling the story of the past. This was a summer residence for the Shaki Khans. The palace has become UNESCO World Heritage site on 7 July 2019. To visit the palace, guided tour is compulsory. The main attraction inside is beautiful stained glass windows (made without glue or nails). Unfortunately the photography inside the palace was not allowed. There were some tents outside and in one of them tourist can dress up in traditional Azerbaijani cloths and take photos. Our 3rd stop of the day was Caravensarai. A caravanserai was a roadside inn where travelers could rest and recover from the day's journey. Azerbaijan is a country with a high culture, from time it was an important center on the Great Silk Road, where the East and the West crossed. Merchants and traders flocked to such Azerbaijani cities as Sheki, Ganja, Baku and others from all countries, bringing with them overseas spices, silk and other goods. Leaving Azerbaijan, they could take away jewelry, musical instruments, weapons, carpets, oil, etc. Some of those ancient caravanserais have survived to this day – caravanserai in Sheki is one of those. “Caravanserai” historical complex in Sheki is two magnificent caravanserai which reached present days and traditionally named “Yukhary” and “Ashaghy” caravanserai, which means “Upper” and “Lower” Caravanserai. There are 242 rooms in lower Caravanserai and 300 rooms in Upper Caravanserai. The street-facing side of the Caravanserai is occupied by a collection of souvenir shops, bakeries, restaurants. If you are a coffee lover then do visit Illy Espresso House that serves excellent coffee.