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Neuschwanstein Castle

Shilpa Shenoy
The fairy tale castle:Yes its the Neuschwanstein Castle. Interior of this castle is not at all worth but the outside nature is worth visiting several times :) And the castle looks different in different seasons. I still want to visit this when its covered in snow. Lets see!!! I have now visited it once in summer and once in autumn.The walk up to the castle, its views from Marian bridge near by (20mins walk), boating at the lake are really worth a day visit.
Geetha Ranganathan
Next morning, we set out early to get to Neuschwanstein castle. A fairytale castle built by King Ludwig is about 2-3hr journey from Munich. We booked train tickets to get there just before we left but we hadn't purchased the Tour ticket of the castle. It needs to be done atleast 2-3 days in advance online. We decided to take our chances and wait it out in the queue at the counter. Weather in Europe is highly unpredictable and as is Murphy's law it turned out to be quite misty at Neuschwanstein leading me to be grumpy Geetha for a bit. The queue at the ticket counter wasn't too long, we got tickets for one of the tours and we then had some time to kill. The clouds then cleared up a bit in the meanwhile and I got a glimpse at the fairytale castle. Wow! There was a lake near where we bought our ticket and that was our spot for a small lunch picnic. We then started our ascent up the hill to the castle with many pitstops for photo ops. Obviously! The tour of the castle lasted about 40 mins and it provided a glimpse into the King's life. A quick stop for tea with a view at the castle restaurant, we started our journey back to Munich. My friend had a birthday gathering to attend and I tagged along. They had the concept of making your pizza. So yes, I flattened the dough, tried tossing it, put on the toppings and cheese and voila! I had made my very first pizza and it was yum!
Abhishek Dey
Neuschwanstein CastleThis is one castle I would love to visit again and again in different seasons. I have already visited this beautiful castle twice. Often referred to as the original Cinderella Castle, it comes straight out of those fantasy stories we have been reading in our storybooks or have been watching and wondering in our cartoon or fantasy shows.Situated overlooking the beautiful Bavarian village called Fussen the castle is situated in the elevated hamlet of Schwangau and is surrounded by even higher Bavarian Alps and beautiful glacial lakes.My first visit was four years ago during the winters when it was all clad in white snow and the castle looked nothing less than a real-life Disneyland castle. During my next visit, the castle looked totally different surrounded by lush green landscapes and bright and lively sun. The last time I had missed out the famous Marienbrücke and how the castle looked spellbound from it so this time I made sure I am there.During the winter I took a train from Munich and even the journey was fascinating as if the train was cruising through a white desert. From the Fussen train station, a bus took us directly to the foothills of the mountain that take the pride of being crowned with the beautiful castle. A walk of 2 kilometres to reach the castle was quite easy due to the weather, unlike the next time when it was the peak summer and the sun was scorching hot and bright making every meter hike a tough job.The next time I intend to again travel during the autumn when the orange colour of the fall gives the castle again another new look. Hope I make it soon.
Ankita & Mohit
We're going to be very honest - we didn't find the trip to Neuschwanstein Castle worthwhile at all. The thing with huge castles is that they don't look like much from up-close. You have to be at a certain distance to get the kind of view that you see in fairy tales (or in this case, the Disney logo!). There are only two spots towards this end as far as Neuschwanstein Castle is concerned: the famous Marienbrucke which is suspended across a valley, and another lesser known trail (near the parking lot) which offers an equally arresting view of the castle.
Muni Ram Mohan
Since I am travelling with my wife and there is almost more than 250 km one side we planned for renting motorcycle with back rest. So the obvious choice was to go for Softail Heritage Classic as it comes with side bags, back rest and wind shield in the package.Of course Motorcycle comes in luxury segment in Germany. So rental rate was high when compared with renting cars :( .So I took Softail Heritage Classic on Friday .. planning to start Saturday morning . The motorcycle is heavy as it weights around 335 Kg.Pre-start condition and thoughtsRide : I have ridden long rides in India in many bikes including Enflield, Street 750 and Street Bob. I always felt more comfortable riding in India rather than in Germany. In India we are always alert . We don't trust anyone to obey rules. But its different in Germany . People follow rules, trust other drivers that they follow the rules. So this in turn means we have to be well versed with following the rules and to trust other drivers. I know It will be a challenge for me :) . But lets see :)(Please note this view is only for 30 zone driving in Germany. Other road conditions are pure bliss to drive)Autobahn - Ya I was looking forward to ride in world famous German Autobahn (unlimited speed) .Fatigue : I am used to ride long distance in India , but I was not sure how it will be while travelling with my wife.Motorcycle : I have ridden Harley bikes before. I have ridden upto dyna family . Softail Herritage Classic comes under Softail category so I am not sure about the handling the bike, its weight etc.Rain & Luggage: Climate looks good even though there was some cloudy expected near Füsen. Softail Herritage Classic comes with side bags so burden of carrying luggage is not there.Hotel: We booked hotel near to Fusen. The Gasthof Bräustüberl was ok and had a nice parking lot.