10 Amazing Spots in Germany to travel with your loved ones

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After a long pause, life is gearing up gradually. Itinerary plans are chalked out and the public is flocking to exotic locations for a change. Even the tour and travel operator business is banging on after Covid 19 as people have started pouncing on online booking portals once again.

Germany is one of the spots invaded by tourists off and on. Last October to mid-December is the best time to visit Germany, which is historically rich and exquisite architecture. Let's explore Germany together:

1. Berlin

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Berlin is the cool capital of Germany and rich in culture and heritage. It is the centre of fashion, art, music, and design. while planning itinerary, keep 2-3 days for Berlin so that you don't miss a visit to exciting places such as flea market, marvellous restaurants and bars, museum galleries, and the remarkable Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Jewish Museum. Regarding accommodation, there are varied options of hotels and B&B's for stay.

2. Cologne

Cologne is famous for chocolate, freshly brewed beer, and prominent cathedrals. for sweet tooth people, don't miss to visit Chocolate Museum Cologne that is spread over 4,000 sq. meters and houses nine chocolate exhibitions and a topping on the cake is the three-meter chocolate fountain. These nine exhibitions tell the tales and existence of chocolates that date back to 3,000 years ago during the era of Mayans and Aztecs. Isn't it exciting and something novel for the wanderers ?

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Cologne is one of the reliant locations to sip and taste from different breweries and tastings during the stay at Cologne.

Cathedrals are of Gothic era that speaks volumes about Gothic architecture and Cologne Cathedral is the impressive landmark of Cologne, located on the banks of Rhine.

3. Munich

Munich is famous for holding the world's biggest beer festival, Oktoberfest that falls in Autumn every year. It is a great attraction for the tourists and huge number of visitors travel from across the world every year to be a part of this huge extravaganza Oktoberfest, which lasts for 16-18 days. If you plan to join in this fest, you require to book your tickets early so that you are easily accommodated.

Beer lovers will love the capital of Bavaria Munich, famous for beer gardens apart from restaurants and bars. Other attractions of Munich are churches and numerous museums. Try to taste delicious traditional German food at the 150-year-old Ratskeller restaurant, its iconic.

4. Black Forest

Black Forest is breath-taking natural landscape in the southwest of Germany that sprawls in 11,100 square kilometres. If you are fond of nature and want to spend days in serenity, include in your itinerary. You will be spellbound to watch beautiful lakes and waterfalls. To roam within the precincts of dense forest, you can book bike or horseback if you are not convenient to wander by foot. The fairy tales Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty are inspired in these black forest areas and so it is also called the land of fairy tales.

5. Lake Constance

Lake Constance is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Germany for a sportive vacation with kids - it offers fancy sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, or swimming. It is a beauty to have a glance of scenic Alps from Lake Constance. You can even opt for a boat ride to land on lake's scenic islands. More in list are the attraction of Baroque castles and churches, monasteries, and Stone and Bronze Age dwellings.

6. Rhine Valley borders

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley borders extends across France, Germany, and Switzerland. Major tourists attractions are stunning hilltop castles, historic towns, and terraced vineyards. Germany has saw many poets, painters and composers and the credit of inspiration goes to the awe landscapes along the River Rhine. It is a paradise for the wine lovers and vineyards sprawl across 500 hectares. You can take advantage of winery tours and tasting experiences and the best part is it is available in different budgets upon the spending appetite of the visitors.

7. Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a hot destination during Christmas. If you can brave the icy weather of Germany, plan a trip to this place to enjoy. Christ kindles market is the largest Christmas market and a grand attraction for Christmas shopping lovers.

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Other important city's attractions are the museums, churches, World War II sites and medieval Imperial Castle.

8. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the financial capital of the eurozone. Frankfurt attractions are the Frankfurt Museum Embankment, near the river periphery and it constitutes of more than a dozen museums inclusive of Städel Museum.

9. Berchtesgaden

Berchtesgaden is a great attraction for holiday destination in the Bavarian Alps. massive peaks, cascading forests, deep valleys and Alpine Lake and river are a treat for the eyes for the nature lovers. Better take driving route to wander into the scenic Rossfeld Panoramastrasse. For skiing expedition, try to visit in winters to ski on the snow carpeted Jenner Mountain.

10. Hannover

Hannover is a destination where you can relax amidst the natural wonders of nature.

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Herrenhausen Gardens, 124-acre Georgengarten and exotic Berggarten an exclusive collection of orchids. Other areas to be explored are the Maschsee Lake, and Hannover Adventure Zoo. Spring is the best time to visit Hannover

If you are in a lookout for the destinations in Germany, include maximum of them in your itinerary. Take a fortnight leave from your busy routine to relax amidst the glories of nature enjoying the architecture, serenity and the titillating's tastes of beer and wines.


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