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Altamash Yezdani
Kehte Hain China ka maal kitna hi chalega..Well, how long can a Chinese product survive can be judged by looking at this little engineering and architectural marvel the world calls The Great wall of China. Originally, started building in the year 206 BC, Made over the course of hundreds of years, by over 6 different Chinese dynasties, this 21196 KM long feat of human achievement have been around for over 2,300 years. ..Originally Built as a Defence Mechanism, very few people know, that the wall also served the purpose of border control. Allowing the imposition of duties on goods transported along the Silk Route, regulation of trade and control of Immigration. .Today, the defensive system of the great wall is generally recognized as one of the most impressive architectural feats in history..But that is not what the Wall is all about. Being as old as it is, it forms a major part of #chinesemythology and has a fare share of #legends and #myths associated with it..One of the many legends surrounding the wall tells of a helpful #dragon who drew out the tracks for the wall, which the workers then followed..Another, most well-known and popular legend of #TheGreatWallofChina is the story of “Men Jiangnu’s Bitter Weeping,” which tells of a woman whose husband was killed building the wall. Her tears were so bitter that the section of the wall collapsed to reveal her husband’s bones so she could bury him..whether you believe the legends or debunk them as myths, as you start your ascent of the wall, and as the wall rises and falls through the clouds and mountains alike, you do realise the beauty of the place is #magical, almost #mystical. where nothing is a legend any more and every fact becomes fiction. THe #Beauty of the wall is that it is that one place in the world that i have seen, where #mythology and reality starts to merge. Where legends and facts become synonymous. AS you continue your journey along the wall the #mountains, the #clouds, the atmosphere everything around you creates a sense of #mysticism that adds to the lore of The Great Wall...Dont believe me, do you ??? See for yourself #travelmemories2019
Sruthi Sekar
One of the world wonders! It is close from beijing and it is mesmerizing to watch its magnitude! Hike up the wall for as far as u like! :)
prasad rajguru
It was going to be a long and tiring day ahead as we were going to travel to the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China which was about 80 km away from Beijing. The Badaling section of the Great wall of China was the most easily accessible and the preferred route by the tourists. Most of the foreign tourists including Indians prefer to go by tourist company arrangements but we chose to go on our own. It was not so difficult since we have managed so far on our own.The route was pretty simple, travel to Huoying station on the subway, take exit G4 and walk towards Huangtudian Railway Station and then catch an S2 train and get down at Badaling Railway station which was the destination stop for the Badaling section of the wall.There was no problem at all in getting to Huoying station, the journey seemed that we are venturing out towards the suburbs and then outside the city premises. The clearly marked signboards in English on the subway system made it really easy to get there. We didn't have much difficulty in finding the exit G4 either and we had walked a bit until we reached Huangtudian railway station.
Jemima Durnford
We took a day trip to see The Great Wall of China and were able to easily book a tour through our hostel which made things easy. We were originally booked in with a few other people to take a private car but it turned out that the other people had dropped out so we got the service for the same price which was good! We opted to go to a part of the wall that was not a tourist hub and that also included the real ancient stones rather than a replica which in other tourist spots is the case. It took a couple of hours to get there and when we arrived we were the only people which was great! Unfortunately we were a bit rushed by the driver who said we could have only 30 minutes there! We were hoping that we would have been able to walk along for a couple of hours and so were quite disappointed but nevertheless we managed to explore a little way. Some parts of the wall were actually incredibly steep and as we progressed higher the view became really great. It was April so the landscape was quite brown but there was some blossom out which made it prettier.
Rohan Sood
5: Sliding down the Great Wall of ChinaAny trip to China is incomplete without visiting The Great Wall. While you may have heard of the tough hike to get to the top, did you know that you could slide down at over 50kmph for an adventure of a lifetime for your Asian bucket list?A few years ago, China introduced a one of a kind tobogganing experience on the Mutianyu section of the great wall. The slide is 1580 mt long and depending on how fast you go, it takes about two to three minutes to slide all the way down. The views along the way are beautiful but you must resist the temptation to take pictures, unless you would like to get an earful from the guards patrolling the route.