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Explore the ruins of the fort, the temples and other buildings inside the campus. There is also an old market place inside the fort complex which is now completely abandoned.

Bhangarh Fort

This fort is located on top of a hill in the deserted village of Bhangarh. The village is in between Alwar and Jaipur and just at an end of the Sariska Tiger Reserve. One of the most interesting tourist attractions of Rajasthan, this fort is mostly known as one of the most haunted places in the world. The spookiness has been felt time and time again and the stories narrated by the villagers make the trip even more adventurous. You are however not allowed to enter the fort before sunrise or stay after sunset. To authorize this rule, the Archeological Survey of India has set up a board clearly stating this. There are mainly two stories that are known about this cursed fort. The first says that there was once as ascetic known as Balu Nath and King Madho Singh took his permission before building this fort. The saint had given him the permission on one condition that the shadow of his fort should never touch his house else the whole city will be devastated. Later one of the king’s descendents rose the height of the fort and it overshadowed the retreat of the sage after which destruction overpowered the fort. Another tales says that the princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati was bewitchingly beautiful and that she started getting marriage proposal from an early age. At this time lived Sindhiya, a magician who was smitten by her beauty and wanted to marry her. Knowing that the match was impossible he tried to trick her with the help of black magic. The princess understood this and failed his plan that resulted to his death. Before dying he cursed that the Bhangarh Fort shall get ruined and no one shall ever be able to live there. This became true and there was a battle the following year in which Ratnavati was killed along with majority of others. It is said that Ratnavati had taken birth somewhere else and that the fort of Bhangarh still awaits the princess.
The Bhangarh Fort is a 16th-century fort built in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar district of Rajasthan. It was built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh. The ruins of the king's palace are located on the lower slope of the hills.Entering through the main gate of the completely ruined fort city, one can find temples, palaces, and havelis.Myth about Bhangarh Fort
Anuj Singh
Visiting the spookiest place of India was at the top of my travel list. While my stay in Alwar, I took a road trip to Bhangarh fort and this experience cannot be described just in words. It was not just reaching Bhangarh, the whole journey was a complete package. So if you ever want to visit there try to take a bike or scooty trip.It took me around 4 hours to reach Bhangarh Fort. The roads were well maintained except for some remote areas where it was quite difficult on a motorcycle. The view all along was beautiful and myself and Priyanka felt like stopping for a moment and admire the beauty of Rajasthan. Do stop at any Tapri for some local Rajasthani snacks.Although the fort is almost a ruin but the very idea of being there sent me chills down the spine. It took me 2-3 hours to explore the whole fort. It gave me an overall idea of how beautiful the palace must have been when it used to be whole. Beware of the monkeys because if they spot you with snacks in your hand they will try to snatch it away. There were several temples inside. It depicted some marvellous architectural skills of that era.I saw peacocks, moneys, kangaroos, pigeons and some other birds in the campus. All the stories that i heard about Bhangarh were running through my mind. I cant say whether they were true or not but as a traveller I enjoyed the whole journey and my trip to Asia's most haunted place.📍 Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan | July 2019Photos shot on iPhone SE
Adarshjit Das
5. Bhangarh (Alwar)The name of Bhangarh is very famous amongst Indians, not just as a massive fortification but also as one of the most haunted spots in India. Even if the supernatural occurrences, or accounts are ignored, the fort has been witness to some really horrible events. Dating several century back, this fort was built by ruler Raja Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh. Several theories exist, amongst which some speak about the cursed nature of the monument. It is said, that after sundown, even birds don't flutter in the compound. Site of several accidents, Archeological Survey of India has prohibited entry to the area between sunrise and sunset.
3. રાજસ્થાનનો ભાનગઢનો કિલ્લોભારત કથાઓનો દેશ પણ છે. રાજસ્થાનની રાજધાની, જયપુર નો ભાનગઢનો કિલ્લો, તેની કથાઓ અને ભૂતિયા વાર્તાઓ માટે પ્રખ્યાત છે, તે 17 મી સદીથી એક ભૂતિયા સ્થળ તરીકે મશહુર છે, ગૂગલ કરી લો અથવા લોકોના મોંથી જ સાંભળો.લોકો કહે છે કે કોઈ તાંત્રિક એક સમયે કાળો જાદુ કરતો હતો, તે રાતના સમયે ખોટો કામ કરનારાઓને મારી નાખતો હતો. ભારતના પુરાતત્ત્વીય વિભાગે સાંજ બાદ કિલ્લાની અંદર ન જવા માટે એક મોટું બોર્ડ લગાવ્યું છે. ખબર નહીં કેટલા વિદેશી લોકો (ડિસ્કવરી ચેનલ સહિત) આ સ્થાનનું રહસ્ય જાણવા માટે આવ્યા અને બધા ખાલી હાથે પાછા ફર્યા.
Preanca Sagar
The haunted fort at Bhangarh is situated in Alwar district of Rajasthan between Delhi and Jaipur. It is India's most haunted place for over centuries now. It's nearby the popular Sariska Tiger Reserve and is around 200 kms away from Gurgaon and around 220 kms from Delhi. The fort was built in the 17th century and has the distinction of being called the most haunted place in the country. There have been numerous sightings of ghosts and similar abnormal happenings over the past two centuries. So much so that locals are scared to death of the place and the nearest villages are quite far away. A truly magnificent place to visit for any traveller.