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Explore the ruins of the fort, the temples and other buildings inside the campus. There is also an old market place inside the fort complex which is now completely abandoned.

Bhangarh Fort

This fort is located on top of a hill in the deserted village of Bhangarh. The village is in between Alwar and Jaipur and just at an end of the Sariska Tiger Reserve. One of the most interesting tourist attractions of Rajasthan, this fort is mostly known as one of the most haunted places in the world. The spookiness has been felt time and time again and the stories narrated by the villagers make the trip even more adventurous. You are however not allowed to enter the fort before sunrise or stay after sunset. To authorize this rule, the Archeological Survey of India has set up a board clearly stating this. There are mainly two stories that are known about this cursed fort. The first says that there was once as ascetic known as Balu Nath and King Madho Singh took his permission before building this fort. The saint had given him the permission on one condition that the shadow of his fort should never touch his house else the whole city will be devastated. Later one of the king’s descendents rose the height of the fort and it overshadowed the retreat of the sage after which destruction overpowered the fort. Another tales says that the princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati was bewitchingly beautiful and that she started getting marriage proposal from an early age. At this time lived Sindhiya, a magician who was smitten by her beauty and wanted to marry her. Knowing that the match was impossible he tried to trick her with the help of black magic. The princess understood this and failed his plan that resulted to his death. Before dying he cursed that the Bhangarh Fort shall get ruined and no one shall ever be able to live there. This became true and there was a battle the following year in which Ratnavati was killed along with majority of others. It is said that Ratnavati had taken birth somewhere else and that the fort of Bhangarh still awaits the princess.
Sandesh Kolagi
I started from Bangalore at 6:00 am  flight and landed Jaipur at 9:00 am. My curiosity straight away   took me to bhangarh fort(The most haunted place of india). Its is almost 100kms from Jaipur took about 2 hours to reach. Well the place is full of rich history, lots of mystery, and stories of past ghost of Rani and a magician. I must say the best place to visit around Jaipur. The place where fort located is very beautiful surrounded by 3 hills full of greenery and you can feel the richness of our architecture. This one of the kind where there is entire city is covered by thick walls. Ghe view from top of the fort made my day..
Somdutta Sarkar
It felt fantastic to step on this place which has been rumored as haunted across the globe. To me, it felt simply beautiful! Just when you enter the gate, there's Lord Hanuman temple (to shoo away the ghosts may be :P ). Walk straight through the ruins, it will lead to the garden and the Fort. You can listen to the local guides especially kids explaining about the history of the place and the haunted activities take place every night which is quite interesting and entertaining too.
Tatwadarsi Dash
After a walk for a km in the scorching heat, we finally entered into the main fort. The fort looked so despair and broken. A proper care could have been taken. After putting some exercises on the staircase we climbed to the summit of the fort. Sun was at its peak and we were completely exhausted. One needs to be little careful while walking over the staircase and stones lying on the ground.
Tatwadarsi Dash
Tatwadarsi Dash
Abhinav Singh
Bhangarh Fort:Just 3 hours drive away from the Alwar Bagh, it makes a perfect day trip from the resort. I recommend that one should start early morning so that one can easily return by evening.
Kaveri Harit
This view (below pic) is from one of the most haunted places in India - The Fort of Bhangarh. Can you blame the ghosts? I mean who doesn't fancy a home with a view? :p Even the ghosts do.I don't know about the spookiness of this place. I didn't feel any. On the contrary, it was certainly a bliss to stand at the top of this dilapidated fort and let my eyes feel that gorgeous view around.
It is 5 hours from Delhi and pretty close from Jaipur. If you are going to Ranthambore, you can visit mid way. It is in ruins, but the temples inside are intact, may be made at a later date. There are very basic washrooms facilities inside.As you just enter, there is a very ancient Ganesha Trinetra Temple where a priest performs prayers. You will have a decent exercise if you go up all 4 floors which remain now instead of 7. It is nice place to spend 2-3 hours, but nothing haunted. Locals say it is just hyped. No paranormal activity reported...... So, just go and enjoy and move on.....
Sachin Bhardwaj
It was a around 4am and as expected we found the main door of fort closed. But we know that walking adjacent to the boundary walls for around 300-400 meters we will find a damaged boundary which we can easily jump over and it happened in the same way near the Lahori gate of the fort.
Dronacharya Dave
Bhangarh Fort (Rajasthan)
Joydeep Hazarika
I climbed up to the roof of the palace and lo! What a view it gave me of the entire area! I stood there among the debris of the erstwhile top two floors for a long time admiring the beauty of the entire place and imagining what a lovely place it must have used to be. Suddenly a gust of wind struck me from behind which almost threw me off balance. It wasn’t a regular gust of wind. For by then, I had come to realize that the wind blowing within the palace building made a low pitch whistle as they pass by. It sounds really creepy and would scare the hell out of a person who goes there after dark. By then, the remaining visitors had started appearing within the palace building and so I was assured that there should be no ghost making appearances in the broad daylight.Right to the palace is a large hillock on top of which stands a chatri like structure. The structure is supposedly the living embodiment of the evil that haunts Bhangarh. Now we come to the point as to how Bhangarh came to be a ghost city. Legend has it that Bhangarh was ruled by the beautiful princess Ratnavati. She was very popular among the masses and tales of her beauty were famous in all the kingdoms of Rajputana back then. Her beauty had also caught the fancy of a wicked Tantrik, living at his small Ashram on top of the very hillock, who was well versed in the practice of the occult. Driven by lust, the Tantrik devised a plan to make her fell for him. He sent a bottle of perfume to be mixed in her bath, the scent of which would make her fell in love with him. Now what our villain didn’t know here was that the princess herself well versed in black magic. She got the scent of the plot and threw away the perfume bottle. The bottle then assumed the form of a giant boulder and started rolling towards the Tantrik. Knowing that his end was approaching, the Tantrik quickly cursed the entire city and its inhabitants that nobody would be able to be reborn after dying there and their souls would be trapped there forever. The boulder ultimately killed him. Soon afterwards, Bhangarh got into a quarrel with the neighbouring kingdom of Ajabgarh and was badly defeated in the ensuing battle. The city was ransacked and the local population was massacred. And ever since then, Bhangarh has remained a desolate place.
Joydeep Hazarika
After passing the garden, I made way to the main palace building for which I crossed the main palace entrance gate and then climbed the steps to the palace as it is built on the slopes of a hill. A beautiful structure lying desolate for so many centuries, one look at it and you can’t help but admire its beauty. But then suddenly you also remember that this is supposedly one of the most spookiest places of the world. I climbed up the stairs to the main palace and passed by a few women who were brooming the path. As I entered the main corridor I realized that I was the only person inside the palace at that very moment, as the rest of the visitors were out in the garden. I passed by a few dark corridors and realized that most of the passages and ways to the interiors of the palace have been blocked. What was most amazing was that at a certain spot I found swastika symbols made from vermillion on the wall and the floor beneath was burnt. Somebody had lit a religious sacrificial fire recently. Why? Perhaps to appease the spirits inhabiting the palace. The palace had once been a six-storeyed building but now only four storeys remain as the upper two storeys cease to exist.
Joydeep Hazarika
Before reaching the main palace complex of the city, you pass through the main market area of the city. Stone structures which earlier comprised the main market dot a large area upto the main palace complex gates. Many of them are standing structures while the rest are plain debris. One interesting point is that none of the structures in the main market have roofs. Legend has it that a curse forbids the structures here from having roofs and so there are none. A main road in between the market leads to the main palace complex as you walk past the structures admiring the lonely beauty that is scattered around the place. I also realized that there is no lighting arrangement at the entire place, which means that after evening, the place would be pitch dark and really creepy.As you enter the main palace complex, you are greeted by a beautiful garden which is really well maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The first building that greets you is a Gopinath Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. There is also another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and a small tank near it that gets its water supply from a stream which flows from the nearby hill. Visitors were already there roaming in the garden and exploring the structures that were scattered around. Most of them were couples and lovebirds, whom I found peacefully hidden behind rocks and pillars as I explored the place. The temples are built in classic Rajput architecture style and have the same ornamental beauty that are found in the structures of the Chittorgarh fort. The city is surrounded on one side by hills from the Aravalli range and is wide open with fields lying on the other way. Hordes of Langurs and monkeys roam around in the area with care abandon. You really have no reason to fear them at all.Bhangarh was built by Raja Bhagwan Das of Amer in the 16th century. Later, Raja Madho Singh, brother of the famous Raja Man Singh from Emperor Akbar’s court, made it the capital of his small vassal state that was under Amer.
Siddharth Juneja
Bhangarh is a town in the state of Rajasthan, commonly labeled as 'the most haunted place in India.' The town is in ruins, with no population, but attracts plenty of travelers every day because of the tales.
Nancy Nance
Once the night falls, this place become a deserted place from a tourist destination in a day. Rumor has it that the princess Ratnavati was very beautiful and the wizard, Singhiya, wanted to marry her. He was indulged into black magic so he decided to trick her. He prepared an enchanting potion to ensnare the princess. He tried to trick her and offered the potion to the 18 year old princess who then, threw it on the ground. As it fell onto the ground, it turned into a big boulder which crushed Singhiya, the wizard. Before dying, he cursed the fort that everyone residing in the fort will die and they will never reincarnate. Well, the people of Bhangarh still believe that the princess will reincarnate and will return to the village to end the curse.
Nancy Nance
This fort is situated near Kalakho village. If you believe in ghosts then you must visit this place as it is believed that the spirit of the princess Ratnavati roams here during night. There are several stories about the fort but people still think that it is now haunted by ghosts. That's why no one is allowed to enter inside the fort after dusk.
Bhangarh Fort is arguably one of the most haunted places in the world. When the Archaeological Survey of India puts up a notice saying nobody is allowed to stay there overnight, you have to give the legends at least some credence. Bhangarh was reportedly cursed by a sadhu or a wizard, depending on which legend you believe. The first is fairly straightforward: a sadhu demanded that nobody build a house taller than his, and the curse kicked in when the shadow of a house fell on his. The other is more intriguing. A wizard set his evil eye on the beautiful young princess who lived in the fort. When the princess wanted perfume, he tried to trick her into taking a potion that would make whoever used it be irresistibly attracted to him. The princess, who was too smart to fall for that, threw on a big boulder instead of using it. Unfortunately for the wizard, the boulder fell for him and pretty much on him, crushing him. But before he was squashed like a bug, he cursed Bhangarh. Since then it’s had all kinds of misfortunes and the paranormal has been blamed even for deaths in Bhangarh. Both he and the princess are said to haunt the fort to this day.
Achal Gupta
Yes the next destination of the day was Bhangarh, the spookiest place in India. The place where ASI(Archaeological Survey Of India) has put up a board saying no person is allowed after sunset. Expectations were high. The route to bhangarh is long, It took us a lot of time to reach there. The roads are small scenic but average speed will take a toss at those roads. We arrived Bhangarh at around 3 PM i.e. middle of the day. I was shocked to see the flock of tourists, people from various places have filled up the fort, definitely not expected. I could sense some weird aura in the atmosphere but there were people everywhere. Once we entered the Gates we could feel the signs of tragedy. The remains of once a market all burnt as if some evil wizard used his spells and burnt the whole place down. Place is a definitely a must visit only if you could go over a weekday or so. So that no. of tourist will be less I am sure this place can give you some jitters.
Rahul Arora
I always wanted to visit the most haunted place in India. And if that place is in near vicinity, then why avoid mapping it up on a ride! I could’ve headed straight back home from Jaipur, but I decided to twist the rhythm & set my itinerary to the haunted fort. All I knew was that I could reach the Bhangarh Fort via the Rajasthan State Highway (SH-55). What I wasn’t aware of was that I’d have to go through one of the remotest villages of the state & wander in the forest for long. “It sure looks haunted”, I told myself. The air around the place was chilling but the sun was merciless, weird. I could see a couple of people on a balcony up on the fort. I continued exploring the remains of the despondent structure, clicked my way through it. There were places I didn’t gut it out to go into. All in all, it was a nice experience wandering inside a haunted fort. May be I chose the wrong time to visit the place as a local on the exit told me I should go in around five in the evening. What he told me was that they close the place for tourists at 05:30PM every day. Yet, going in at five can leave you with a lot to talk about the place. He told me he lived just outside the fort entrance, over a mile away from the fort. In a humble voice he told me the locals are used to hearing violent screams at night. Even at six in the evening, they are scared to go near the cursed fort. If it wasn’t for the GPS, I wouldn’t have made it to my destination & could’ve got stranded in a hostile forest. It's worth a visit!!!
Harleen Kalsi
It consists of several temples built at a slightly higher altitude and ruined pathways leading towards the Royal palace.