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Jagalchi Market

Isabel Leong
Directions:Take Subway Line 1 to Jagalchi Station. Come out from Exit 7.Walk straight and turn left to find yourself in the heart of the square 5 minutes later.You can never leave Korea without visiting the seafood markets that they are so known for. Jagalchi Market is by far the largest fish market in Korea. Set in a modern 7-storey building by Nampo port, you can find the freshest catch here, since all the seafood are caught on the coast of Busan and Korea's South Sea. There are also outdoor fish stalls selling in the vicinity in the mornings which you can venture to - the Jagalchi Gomjangeo Alley and the Changseon-dong Eatery Alley.The highlight of this visit is to sample some raw fish (or live octopus, if you prefer)! In fact, you can even have a taste of raw abalone if you wish. That was exactly what I did when I was there. Out of the 7 storeys, the ground floor is a wet market full of live seafood of every imaginable species swimming in colourful tubs. The 2 nd floor is where you find rows of restaurants offering what they claim to be the best price for a satisfying seafood meal.
Dianne Goh
Day 10: Seafood and Underground ShoppingThe tour buses don't run on Mondays, so we had to get around on our own today. It was also raining, but that didn't stop us from wanting to visit Jagalchi Market. We read a lot about this market and couldn't wait to order and eat some fresh seafood. What you do is you order food on the first floor of the market and the store owners will bring it up to a restaurant on the second floor for it to be cooked. That was the plan, but we got a bit lost finding Jagalchi Market after we got out of the train station, and found another seafood market just by the sea. It was an open air market so we knew it wasn't Jagalchi Market (which is indoors). We saw huge slabs of all kinds of seafood laid out in front of a whole line of stores, manned by bad-ass ahjummas. These middle aged ladies made chopping an octopus that was half my body length look so easy. It was amazing walking along this stretch, avoiding the pools of squid ink on the floor, and gawking at the scaled, tentacled, and slippery produce.We eventually found Jagalchi Market around the corner. Somehow the indoor market on the first floor didn't look as exciting as compared to what we had just seen. We walked up directly to the 2nd floor to eat. But, based on what other people have told me and what I've read, visiting the market on the first floor is fun too! So do pay it a visit.It was still raining after lunch, so we didn't go to Gamcheon Culture Village as planned. We ended up heading to Lotte Mall, which was 14 storeys high! Not all of the floors were for shopping though.