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Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Arun Kumar P
The journey to our much awaited destination begun, Double Decker Living Root Bridge. The vehicle dropped us at the parking slot, we packed each of our bags to descend. Journey started and it was quite sunny.Everyone started with a good pace and as time goes the pace reduced with their health. On the way, we visited a single root bridge. There was a stream of water in the way, we all freshned up and drank some of it. Continued the travel and we reached the homestay after 3 hrs. Got the rooms and we enquired for falls to bath nearby. Got freshned up and went to the falls. The water was so cold and we entered one by one. The place was quite secluded and it was nice.
Souvik Podder
Next we headed straight to base point of Double Decker Root Bridge trek. Its around 1 hr journey from Wei Sawdong and we are all set to start our 6600 steps approx ( down and up) trek. It's an another experience ,going down was not that tough about 30 prcnt of the way we first headed to single root bridge. The beautiful bridge was made by the roots of the giant tree and locals did modify a bit so that tourist can stand and enjoy the wonder of nature. After that we moved forward for completing the double decker bridge but before that we had to cross the river twice but this time hanging bridge made of iron was there, where only 1 person can cross at a time. After 1:30 hr of walking non stop we reached to our destination the double decker bridge. Journey will exhaust your body so I will suggest to stay there at homestays near by to get relaxed and enjoy further but because of our tight schedule that was not an option for us. The living root bridges of a two huge trees stand on top of one another making it look way too amazing. The worst part is coming back , where you have to climb the stairs. There are plenty of small shops where you can buy water,food else this trek will make you dehydrated. After a tiring upward trek of 3 hrs, we finally reached on the basepoint. It was already 5:30 in the evening and the legs were paining as hell so we directly moved to our stay for night - NG ECO Homestay ( a budget homestay run by local people). The room was quite big and for dinner we had basic rice dal and mashed potatoes that our host prepared for us. Since all of us totally exhausted because of trek in no time everyone fell asleep.
While crossing narrow steel suspension bridges I was very scared but dar ky agy jeet hai. After completion of all the parts, I reached my destination Double Decker Living Root Bridge.
We reached around 11am, I didn't have any plan of guide because my driver had been to that place once so he had agreed to take me. But the people there made it mandatory to take a guide, it was rash way of speaking. I didn't feel worth of 600rs for one single person, after lot of words exchange I joined a Bengali family I told them I shall pay 100rs to them and they made me join with them. (Beware guys don't get fooled by these guides if you are alone guides aren't really needed, but if no other way join some group and pay less just like I did)As we went few steps down, I paid the 100rs to the family and left on my own with cab driver. The trek was for 3500 steps or 4km to be precise, downhill uphill, 4 root bridges to cross, taking breaks and finally I reached at 1pm (2 hrs trek). Double Decker root bridge was beautiful bridge, I liked it after sometime i just jumped into water as I was sweating badly and water was damn cold.After swimming and playing in water we started to trek back at 2.15pm. Had Maggie as I was hungry and started the trek. I met a couple there so just spoke and started off with them (advantage of travelling solo isn't it??) around 3.45pm we reached the start point. This was hectic trek, uphill climbing is difficult and I have breathing issues so had to stop in between but made in 2 hrs.I wouldn't recommend this trek to old age people or middle age women or men, it's strain for them.It was like an achievement accomplished for me after 8km trek. We reached at 3.45pm and took rest and left at 4.15pm back to Shillong. The journey was just amazing, heavily cloudy, roads were not to be seen, chill weather, slight drizzle. It made my day, I loved the Monsoon day.
Day 4 started with amazing weather, it had rained previous night so the weather was just superb. Here 4am it's full daylight. I had booked cab for Double Decker root bridge and Wei Sawdong falls for Rs. 2500 (bargained price).The journey was amazing we started at 7am so that we can go early. Clouds passing by, chill weather not much sunny, perfect monsoon day it was.