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Double Decker Living Root Bridge

12th JuneThis was important day as we had to trekk world's unique DOUBLE DECKER LIVING TREE ROOT BRIDGE in NONGRIAT village...CHERRAPUNJI...we woke up around 4:30am in morning....but started our journey at 6::15 am to NONGRIAT village where we had to start trekking. We went on 2 wheeler as it was sunnny day...reached around 8 am. You have an option to hire a guide....but we didn't ...we started our trekk , for few hundred steps I was fine...then we saw the first SINGLE LONG ROOT BRIDGE...from there it is 40-45 minutes to Double Decker root bridge. The trekk is totally up and down after going 1000-1500 steps. In total 3500 steps down and then up. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent is a must. For physically fit people also this trekk is a challenge,don't do it if you start feeling breathless after ascending few stairs in normal days.It is 3500 steps .My calves and thighs ached like hell till I finished my trekk around 3 pm. The view is mesmerizing at double decker ,you can choose to lodge near the resort inside NONGRIAT or you can travel back. A well known resort near it is SMOKY FALLS. The entire trekk path is laden with fruits like jackfruits..pomelo... pineapples here and there. Wild's kind of rainforest trekk. You can see travellers trekking in and out of there.You have refreshment counters after every 300 to 400 steps having ORS and glucose in abundance.Its not free you have to buy same.I consumed more than 7 lit fluid on trekk .Water is must must. Winter trekk will be good for this place as you don't get fatigue by hot and humid climate like I did .But you won't get the water level under Double Decker that much.We returned around 6 pm to our stay dead as tired. Keep one single day for this as after this you cannot do anything for entire day.
Next Morning after another boat ride, we left Dawki and started our journey to Tyrna village. Tyrna is the starting point of trek to Double decker living root bridge. From Dawki it is 95 km, From Sohra(Cherapunjee) its 13 km. Route was scenic and in some part full of mist.
Day 4We started up early in the morning to head towards one hidden gem almost 8kms from the living root bridges known as the Rainbow waterfalls.All excited we headed towards the waterfalls to reach there half tired full of sweat.
We started our descend to the living root bridges which was almost 3500 steps as told us by our guide there. On our way we saw many fellow travellers with happy faces and also tired as the climb up back was tiring and steep.We reached the Village down there got our stay in yet another budget friendly homestay and headed towards the double living root bridges.One there we were just in awww of the place as we were the only one at that point of time at that place.
Vrinda & Kriti
The Double Decker Living Root Bridge was the place that really caught my eye. Located in a village called Nongriat, the bridge is worth the 3000 steps of steep mountain stairs. About 180 years ago, Khasi elders devised a unique solution to cross rivers and streams. Rubber tree roots were guided in hollow canes of Areca nut palm to meet halfway across the stream. The roots were tended to and patiently nurtured for years until they slowly reached the opposite bank, forming the skeleton that eventually grew into a bridge capable of carrying a human's weight only gaining strength through the passage of time. They stand strong and are used on a daily basis by the locals and the tourists. This place personifies purity in essence and form.