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Wah-kaba Falls

Abhishek Tyagi
We had some Maggi at the restaurant near the view-point, and then headed towards out next Destination- Wah Kaba Falls.The entry gate of Wah Kaba falls gives way to a 10 minutes walking stairway, ultimately leading to the beautiful waterfall. Unlike a lot of other waterfalls in Cherrapunjee, one can go directly to the top of the cliff, from where the water is falling. This gives proximity to the flowing water, and additionally a breathtaking view from the top. The water was very cold, and despite the scorching sun (Yes, it is hot in March in Cherrapunjee), gave a lot of relief to us. We sat on the rocks near the descending point of water, and relaxed for a while. The place wasn't crowded, contrary to other waterfalls in India where it's difficult to find a place to stand, everyone is clicking photos and many of them are taking a dip in water. It was very peaceful, serene and beautiful.
Wahkaba Falls:After this we stopped at a point where we had yummy maggi. Mountains and maggi make such a terrific combination!
Manoj D Kashyap
The day fifth was full of water falls and Wah-kaba was the first of them. The way to reach the falls it self is a trekking point. From the entry gate, till we reach the falls, the way is full of excitements. One feels very close to nature, if he dares to take the stairs that are at the edge of the steep valleys. But worth taking the path! See down and you'll feel like flying over the valleys into mist!!