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Wei Sawdong

CharanKumar V
After clicking some pictures we headed to wei Swedong waterfalls (Saw the picture of the waterfall while I prepared the itenary and the picture of the waterfalls is so scenic people couldn't believe if its real). It took is 1hr to reach the water falls and one should do a small trek to reach the waterfall.AND FINALLY SAW THE WATERFALL, EVERYONE IN OUR GANG WAS SHELLSHOCKED LOOKING AT ITS BEAUTY.
Souvik Podder
Spending half an hour over there, we headed to our next stop around 15 minutes travel from Dainthlen waterfall - the most beautiful place I saw till date - Wei Sawdong Waterfall. It's about 15-20min of tough trek 70 degree steep to reach at the bottom of the waterfall and big thanks to the locals who have built bamboo bridges to make your trek easier. People with no experience of trekking should think twice before going there. However they can go to the view point to see this place from a certain height.The trekking is worth it when you see this beauty, the three step fall will make you wonder how beautiful nature can be. You can even climb up to the 1st step and do swimming in this crystal clear blue water. Several multicolour butterflies, various insects , beehives are quite a common sight there. Try to visit as early as possible in order to avoid the rush of the tourists. After spending quality time there we headed back and the upward trek is bit tough although we stopped at the view point to see this beauty one last last time from a distance and bid adieu with a tiring yet cheerful smile.
Supriya Phukan
Supriya Phukan