Located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, Kodagu, or more commonly known as Coorg is a land best known for its aromatic coffee, natural beauty and friendly populace. Kodagu is a rural administrative district located in the southwestern part of Karnataka. One of the most sparsely populated regions in the state, Kodagu is famed for offering travelers a chance to connect with nature. With several national parks, adventure activities, virgin trek routes and hidden camping spots, a trip to Kodagu will surely bring out the nature lover within you!

If there’s any one place that can be considered to be the heart of Kodagu, it is none other than the popular hill town of Madikeri. The town is famed for its gushing waterfalls which are one of the best places to visit in Kodagu. The falls of Chingara, Abbey and Chelavara are great spots one can head to for a family picnic or a dip in freezing waters. Apart from its several waterfalls, Madikeri also boasts of some ancient monuments that promise a trip back in time. The seventeenth century Madikeri Fort is a prime example of Madikeri’s rich history and is a popular tourist attraction in Kodagu. If you’re a history lover sightseeing in Kodagu, make sure you just don’t miss out on catching the sunset from Raja’s Seat, a favourite garden amongst the kings of Kodagu.

Kodagu’s biggest natural attractions, however, go much beyond Madikeri’s gardens and are epitomized in its protected wildlife areas. The Nagarhole National Park is one spot which should find a place in every wildlife enthusiast’s itinerary of sightseeing in Kodagu. One can easily spot tigers, Indian bisons and elephants within the park premises. To add to that, Nagarhole National Park also has a dense forest cover, small streams, hills, valleys and waterfalls, making it easily the most wholesome tourist attraction in Kodagu. For those looking for an in-depth experience with the wild, plan a day trip to Dubare Elephant Camp while in Kodagu. Located on the banks of River Kaveri, the nature camp gives visitors a chance to play around with mighty elephants, feed them and even give them a nice bath!

However, if you’re someone who’s really looking to experience the wild side of Kodagu, treat yourself with a rush of adrenaline by indulging in extreme adventure sports. The insane rapids of River Barapole which flows through Kodagu offer an unmatched rafting experience while moto enthusiasts can hire a quad bike in Chelavara and explore the jungles of Western Ghats like a pro. Being the origin point of River Kaveri, Kodagu also makes for a great place to indulge in some fishing. The region is home to the mighty Mahaseer fish, fishing for which is one of the best things to do in Kodagu.

If the thrill of adventure has got the better of you, there just can’t be anything better than unwinding and giving yourself a dose of luxury. Being a popular tourist destination, Kodagu boasts of a large number of luxury resorts and spa centers offering beauty processes, special packages and Ayurvedic treatments that will heal you inside out. Sit back, relax, breathe in the fresh air and live the good life in Kodagu, right in the lap of nature.