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Daulatabad Fort

It stands on a 200mt high hill and the only way to access the fort is through a narrow bridge and the fort is built very strategically, it is located in Daulatabad in the Aurangabad district.
In maharastra aurangabad is most beautiful place for  tour like adventure, cultural, historical  must u visit that .....I'm on Instagram as @utkarsh_1807
Our Second stop was Daulatabad Fort, It is also known as Devagiri fort, because the fort is located in the Hill of god , and so the name "Dev" refers to God in marathi, it was biult in 12th century by the Yadava Dynasty. The entry ticket for Daulatabad fort was Rs 15, People usully spent around 1 to 1.30 hrs, its takes around 500=550 steps to climb the fort. Small eateries are available, at the entrance of the fort also one can find huge parking space.
After that we went to daulatabad fort and done some trekking,  enjoyed some street food and shopping.
Shubhangi Jain
Daulatabad Fort, also known as Devagiri or Deogiri, is a historical fort located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. It was the capital of the Yadava dynasty.
The historical triangular fortress in the city was initially built around 1187 by the first Yadava king, Bhillama V. In 1308, the city was annexed by Sultan Alauddin Khalji of the Delhi Sultanate, which ruled over most of the Indian subcontinent.