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September to March
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Serenity personified is how one would describe Dharamakot. This small town happens to be close to the Bhagsu waterfalls and thus is a place that invariably attracts many western tourists round the year. If rustic charm is what you want then that is what you get here at Dharamkot. There are simple guesthouses where one can stay and they offer just the basic amenities. Home to the famous Tushita Research Centre, this place lies 1457 metres above the sea level. Get there and experience life minus the luxuries and you will see how well you enjoy it.
Abhinaw Chauhan
Breakfast done. Energy level 200%. Now time to move forward. We started our trek from Dharamkot, but if you are a little lazy you can also hire a taxi till Reagge Cafe which cost you about 400 rupees. But if you love to explore new things it's good to walk on the streets only then you could discover the hidden beauty of any place.
Nishant Tyagi
The meaning of vipassana is 'to see things as they really are'. Vipassana is an ancient Buddhist meditation technique where sole focus is on your mind and body. It comes under 'mindfulness' type of meditation. There are no sculptures or pictures of anyone involved throughout the course or even in the campus. There is no worship of any god/religion/person whatsoever involved. It is a 10 day long course where teachings are given by Dr. S.N. Goenka through audio and video mode at all centers worldwide, all you have to do is follow them step by step. They call this process as deep surgery of mind that oneself performs without leaving any mark. It can give common man the closest possible experience of living life as a monk for a while (just that you wear your own clothes, nothing apart from that is yours). There are 160 Vipassana meditation centers throughout the world out of which 80 are in India. I learned Vipassana from Dharamshala center http://www.sikhara.dhamma.org/. This is a beautiful center located in Dharamkot village(it's nothing like a village) about 2 kms from Mcleodganj near Tushita Meditation Center. The campus is enveloped by deodar trees and monkeys remain the only source of entertainment for the 10 days. Vipassana has many centers around the world.I chose Dharamshala center for its location in the Himalayas and because of rich Buddhism culture in Mcleodganj.Vipassana is really a life changing experience, you live like a monk for 10 days.Schedule of the course is like:-4 am - Morning Bell4:30 am to 6:30 am - Meditation in Hall6:30 am to 8:00 am - Breakfast and Break8:00 am to 11:00 am - Meditation in Hall11 am to 1 pm - Lunch and Break12 pm to 12:30 pm - You can clear your doubts with the teacher1 pm to 5 pm - Meditation in Hall5 pm to 6 pm - Tea break and light dinner6 pm to 7 pm - Meditation in Hall7 pm to 8:30 pm - Discourse8:30 pm to 9:00 pm - Final meditation session9:00 pm - Go to your rooms and restSome of strict key rules to be followed:Noble Silence (communication with fellow student, whether by speech, gestures, sign language, written notes, etc. is prohibited).No mobile phones/tablets/laptops allowed.No reading/writing material allowed.No personal food items allowed.Not allowed to abandon the course.Not allowed to step outside campus during entire duration of course.Vipassana teaches you to how to avoid your cravings or aversions and to simply be content with your current situation no matter what exactly it is.In my entire course of 10 days there were times that I wanted to run away, talk, and quit – but that would just be taking me more into cravings and aversions.By the end of the tenth day, I felt like I have conquered the world… or better yet, myself. I felt that the version of me who entered the centre and the one version of me who came out were entirely different. Of course, the later was betterI would recommend you challenge yourself on a physical, mental and emotional level – Vipassana is something that we all have been looking for. Go and give it a try, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.All the Vipassana Centres are completely free and include your stay, meals, and training on the meditation techniques. They also accept volunteers and donations if you feel like giving back.Here are some images of Vipassana center In dharamshala.
Jaiveer Yadav
Then, I started back to Dharamkot at 4. It was a quick descent. I met a beautiful spiritual lady on my way. She was also going back. Heading from South Africa, she was deep into Vedic studies. To my utter surprise, she also chanted a few mantras in perfect Hindi. We talked about a lot of things. I gave her a very brief summary of Ramayana. I hitched ride with her from Bagsu to Mcleodganj. On our way back we had discussions about the chakra theory, meditation, Buddhism and almost all the religions of the world.
Avantika Chaturvedi
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Albana Nadeem
I walked uphill to Dharamkot from Mcleod Ganj on the same day. You cannot believe how steep it was and after a tot of 18 hrs journey, I have enough energy left to climb the trail, always energetic when in mountains ;)