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Tour guides and agencies mention that the best months to visit are from September to June.
Visit the Tibetan learning centre here.
It all depends on how long one plans to stay here and the type of accommodation needed.
This place can be found in upper Dharamshala and yes it is a very famous tourist spot. Having been named after David McLeod, this place now happens to be the seat and abode of the Dalai Lama on a temporary basis. McLeodganj is also home to an important Tibetan learning centre. The town is also referred to as ‘Little Lhasa’ and this indicates the Buddhist influence upon the place. The town has a number of temples, edifices, monasteries and spots that make it an important tourist site. If one has a list of things to do in Dharamshala, visiting McLeodganj should be on the very top of it.
Priya Parashar
We had lunch on way back to Mc.Leodganj and checked out of our hotel and left for the bus stand. H.P. govt. buses (Hemsuta) are clean, comfortable and pocket friendly. We had booked our tickets online (recommended as it runs full esp. on weekends).Advice: 1 day trek to Triund is a must. Though we missed it as we were short on time but do plan your itinerary including it.
Priya Parashar
We were in Amritsar and on the spur of the moment we decided to go to Dharamasala. We caught a local train from Amritsar Station to Pathankot Station. The journey was for 2 hours and the ticket was for Rs. 40 each. We went straight to the Pathankot bus stand (15 min on a rickshaw). Various buses ply on this route and without any hassle we got a bus for Dharamsala. The journey was for approx.3 hours. The roads were good, lots of bends and curves. Travelling in daytime was very pleasant experience (lovely views and spellbinding beauty).The bus dropped us at Dharamsala bus stand and we got into another bus (within 5 minutes) to reach Mc.Leodganj. We had planned our stay there. The journey took hardly 30 minutes (10 kms via the looping route).We checked into our hotel which was 10 min walk from the bus stop. The weather was pleasant. Wherever we looked, we found pine trees and snow-capped mountains.
Mithra Ramesh
Third stop : McLeod GanjMcLeod Ganj was my next destination to explore deeper into the culture and spirituality the place has to offer. The steep pins to McLeod Ganj from Dharmshala was great with the beautiful mountains in the background. I would say the entire walk around McLeod Ganj is a trek. With the narrow roads ascending and descending it is truly a liberating experience and gets you really working at it.
Manthan Sharma
Start your day at around 8am , After taking breakfast,take a bus to Mcleod Ganj (10km ,40 MIN DRIVE)Once you are there, you will feel the spirit of the religion. This is the home of the Well known DALAI LAMA.You can visit Bhagsunag temple, Bhagsu waterfall. (30 min drive from the city)But its not so much exciting because its an INSTA POINT. Hell lot of people, Busiest tourist point :(If you love to go to offbeat locations rent a bike and keep going to the roads which are less travelled. Keep moving, keep exploring. Don't be a tourist, Be a traveller :)Start your day with the Tibetian breakfast like (Tofu sandwich). Keep on exploring the city. Visit the Monastery, try the noodles, tibetian momos.Don't miss the Chocolate Waffle at any cost. You will love that, Its amazing. Instead of eating the northern food, I will suggest you to keep on trying new dish like Sushi, Tofu etc. (Its much better than the same boring food)
McleodGanj is a quaint town in Himachal, known for people of different nationalities who flock the town at any given point of the year. It is a melting pot of cultures, with Buddhism and His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama at its pinnacle. Within India, tourists from Delhi and Punjab that make up most of the crowd at McLeodGanj. Well connected by road, air, and rail, McleodGanj has emerged as a big favourite in the recent past. The little town is known for the unique combination of vibes it offers. Besides the peace and tranquility of a hill station, McLeodGanj is attractive for its modern and cosmopolitan culture. You'll be connected to the world, different stories and experiences even without a wifi connection! However, during my recent trip there, I realised how most Indians confine themselves only to the most popular and obvious restaurants, monasteries and treks. There’s so much more to McleodGanj, I say! Read below if you’re heading to this popular destination but want to experience McleodGanj in a new and unique way.
Harshit Doshi
Day 4: Rest and overnight bus to Delhi
As I get off the bus the weather was windy & bit Chilly,there were few small shops at bus stand offering tea and local snacks while putting on the jacket I ordered tea. It was still dark & while taking a sip of tea I decided to track instead of booking a hotel. I begin to walk ignoring a bunch of taxi drivers who were eager to drop me off to my destination, taking a little help from google maps I was heading towards main square which was hard a kilometer far.
Pack n Ride
Day 1 - You should try and start early from Mcleod main square , you can either take a cab / auto which costs your about 100-200 INR till Gallu Devi temple, which is often considered the starting point of trek . OR you can start walking right from Mcelod main centre, which will add another 6 km to your walk . If you ain't a pro , I recommend to take an auto and save your energy for the real trek.
Saikat Mazumdar
We started around 7am from Mcleodganj Chowk and reached Gallu Devi Temple in a booked cab (cost you around 400 INR). This will actually save time and effort before the trek actually starts. The temple is the last motorable spot before the trek. After registering our names we started our uphill walk towards our first destination – Triund. Our guide asked us not to waste much time in Triund because we have to make it to Lhasa caves in a single day otherwise the next day trek to Indrahar will get tougher.
Megha Sharma
I woke up at 5.30 A.M (which usually I don't). It was such a beautiful weather and I woke her up and planned to go outside and enjoy the weather instead of sleeping. We went out and such a pleasant weather it was. We had tea and omelette. Sat at the tea stall and spent such a wonderful time there. Then went back to our room at 8.30 A.M as our trek would have started by 10.30 A.M. Got ready ,packed our bags and much needed things and headed for Dharamkot Road. We had to reach Shiv Shakti Guest House from where our trek would be started(booked our trek from Triphippie). We reached guest house and did all the formalities and took our dry packed lunch with us.
Indu Wary
1. Mcleodganj
Sonalika Debnath
Live the Tibetan way at a boutique stay in McLeod GanjThis boutique stay in Mcleod Ganj, doused in Tibetan refinery is the perfect getaway from the bustle of Delhi. A chapter of the Norbulingka Institute, that is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture, this hotel was brought to life by a British architect, David Porter who aimed to build a structure that would melt into the idyllic environment of the Kangra Valley. Almost the entire landscape encompassing the building is interspersed with pine and cedar trees, imparting a lush, green backdrop to the stay. The property houses 11 rooms, all equipped with modern amenities and each of them is styled with a unique Tibetan theme.Perfect for: Travellers looking for a taste of the traditional, Tibetan way of lifeSpace: The boutique stay has 11 private rooms. Each room is meant for two people, but if desired, a bed for an extra guest can be arranged at an additional costWhere: Located near the Thekchen Chöling Temple, adjacent to His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s residenceHow to reach: The most convenient method of transport is by bus. The nearest bus stop is in McLeod Ganj, at a distance of 750m. The nearest railway station is in Kangra at a distance of 27km. The Dharamshala Airport in Gaggal is a little over 17km from the property.
Aarush Tandon
After waiting about an hour we eventually got a bus to McLeod Ganj. McLeod Ganj is a 40 minutes bus ride from Dharamshala.(You could also get a cab from there) We reached McLeod Ganj at 8 and after having breakfast(have a heavy one going to need it) and freshening up, started our trek to Triund from Bhagsu nag.
Sachin Bhardwaj
The next day we decided to go to Bhagsunath temple and waterfall. The early morning time is best for this. We had our breakfast at woesar bakery. If you are a chocolate or cake lover this is the place to be at in the morning.You can go for Dalai Lama temple as well. There are few more tourist points in MacLeod Ganj as Naddi village, Dal lake, sunset point. But these are for tourists not for travellers.We took a cab to Kareri village. The Kareri lake trek is still unexplored and very less populated than then the Triund trek. You can read about Triund trek at All Nature Lovers Must Visit McLeod Ganj.The 7 seater cab charged us 2000 rs to Kareri village. Always bargain for cab prices when you are at hill stations. Also, there is tourist complex in the main market of any hill station from where you can get the enormous information.It was a three-hour journey on a beautiful road. You will find many points where you can step down from your cab and enjoy the view.We reached Kareri village about 4 pm and with heavy rains. We sit in a local shop till the rains clear. It is a small village with about 30 homes. We decided to have overnight camping in the village. It charged us 500 per person including the dinner and the next morning breakfast. The local Rajma is the best thing here in the food.
Dipti Goyal
We got fresh at pink house, grabbed our luggage and said good bye to PINK HOUSE Team. Now we were all free to explore McLeodGanj as we had the Volvo in evening.Hope you enjoyed my trip story. I am excited to know your thoughts on my story.
Pritha Puri
A story similar to Old Manali's is McLeod Ganj, a destination close to the monastery that is home to His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. McLeod Ganj is called 'Mini Tibet' and is known for the handicrafts made by Tibetan refugees who reside here. Today, the story is a little different, McLeod Ganj is far from the neat paradise it used to be. Yoga and meditation enthusiasts from all over the country come here to get some peace and quiet, but end up making a lot of noise.
Maher Jaiswal
Upper Dharamsala, known more commonly as McLeod Ganj is named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod the once the British mLieutenant-Governor of Punjab. It is home to the Tibetan community and the centre of tourist activity. Unless specifically stated, all listings in this article refer to McLeod Ganj.You can see many places near Dharamshala. My basic motto to visit a place for which I had been coming from over 1000 kms.The place was Tibetan Monastery & Tushita Meditation Centre.When i reached the place i got know the entry was closed for 2 days.Then, I arranged a place for stay. Aashu sir arranged me a best place for stay and calm my nerves.Next morning, i visited local places and Enjoyed a relaxation feelings. When i was walking to the street and places, I noticed that many Indians came there for enjoyment, Drinks, & fun but few people- some indians & Foreigners came over there for a reason, Might be our reasons were same.That day i visited Dal lake, Bhagsu waterfall, etc. I also enjoyed scenic views. Rainfall was much so I troubled to move here & there.You can also visit below places in Dharamshala :Naam Art GalleryTibet MuseumTibetan LibraryBhagsunag FallDharamkotDal LakeIndrahar pass
we took next local bus to Mcleodganj. When we reach Mcleodganj, it was nearly 8:30AM. We had breakfast at Main square and book a lodge for 2 Hour(you don't need more that that) and it cost 500INR. Mcleodganj is an excellent place to stay if one is looking for a quiet, less-crowded, and rustic place, which is surrounded by the village and offers the best view of the Majestic Dhauladhar ranges.
The hotel was pre booked in Maclodganj, Travelling from Dharmashala it takes 45 mins time with a skilled driver. Checked in the hotel took some rest …ohhhh yes as soon as we opened the window we could see The mesmerizing , Breath taking triund Peak – and wished to go there in our gossip time .After refreshment, we started to explore the mini Dhasa – Maclodganj. Dhasa is the word for the large Tibetan population area.We booked a cab & started exploring Dharmashala – Maclodganj, We had done enough research that where all we were supposed to go ……Don’t miss “Pahari Maggi “they have many style for cooking Maggi & you will love it all. The breakfast started on the Edge of a mountain restaurant. We could see Triund’ s top from there but never imagined to be there , Today we visited The Dalai Lama’s Temple – The faith of this Village lies in in this temple , Its very calm consist of A big Monastery . The next Stop was Bhagsunath Temple – Its surrounded by Pools on the opposite side you can Big Mountains smiling and calling you & of course bagsu fall which is very near to the temple .I try not to miss anything on any trip, we headed toward one of the oldest Church in Himachal Pradesh which was built in 18 century, Its beautiful in between the Green Lush trees. The Structure of the church is Amazing and appealing you can buy some candles from the gate.The place we can’t even pronounce well is Tsuglagkhang is the place where Dalai lama Stays , One of the popular and worshipped place with lot of Lightening Diyas . You will see the Lama’s worshipping. From across countries Tourists visit there and takes Blessings. Namgayal Monastery – The greatest Icon of the Lama’s also situated in Tsuglagkhang complex - you can buy some souvenirs, books on Lama’s from there.We met a little Boy his name was sheru the below picture might show you the Tibetan Tiger in him.Our day was coming to an end but we were so desperate to stay out. As soon as we reached the hotel we started remembering the day sitting in the Balcony with you besties and looking at the great Himalayas still gives me goosebumps.Day 1 something we missed is Shiva Café  , May be the next trips covers it all .
McleodganjThe next morning, we reached Dharamsala around 5 am. When I enquired with others, I got to know that since there was an ongoing Dalai Lama program for four days - getting accommodation in Dharamsala and Mcleod will be impossible. That was a shocker to me, since I wasn't expecting that - but I didn't hit panic mode- just when I was wondering on how to go about the situation, another bus from Delhi came by, from which a monk and his family disembarked and the monk was guiding few foreigners on how to go about in Dharamsala! Now, I went unto him and explained my situation, he said not to worry and he will find a way- then he made me to go with his mom and sis to Mcleod and that they will help me in finding an accommodation! When we reached Mcleod and we enquired for about 15mins -no luck. And then, we came across the Everest summiteer and her hubby. The family with whom I was --mentioned to them that I'm in need of accommodation, then they told me to join them- though they know localites here, still they were out of luck!We searched for about 1.5 hour for accommodation in the freezing weather carrying both my bags, in vain. There was a moment when they met known people and they mentioned that they can accommodate the couple and not me- the couple mentioned to them that I'm with them and I will be left out! I was flabbergasted! Then upon someone's advise we headed to Bhaksu - about 2 kms from Mcleod. Initially, we were out of luck there too, but after 20 mins or so of searching we finally found a hotel! There they planned to charge me 1000rs for accommodation- but the couple bargained with them and they only charged 600 rs! I don't know if I can ever repay the gratitude shown by them to me! Love from above and the mountains :) :)
Mcleodganj is a village in the suburbs of Dharamshala, in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It has an average elevation of 2,082 meters (6,831 feet). It is situated in the lap of Dhauladhar Range. It is also known as Little Lhasa and famous around the world for being home to the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.Nestled amidst majestic hills and lush greenery, this town is culturally blessed by a prominent Tibetan influence owing to the major settlement of Tibetans here. It is also famous for its cool cafes and bars.Summers is considered as a good time to follow your interests in the adventure activities like trekking and paragliding. Sightseeing can be enjoyed the most in this period. July and August bring in heavy rainfall and this period is not considered appropriate for travelling as landslides are common. September is beautiful with the view of lush green surroundings for the tourists. December to February is the coldest months in McLeodGanj with the temperature reaching very close to the freezing point. Mountains are laden with heavy snow.
Aarush Tandon
We had to a wait a while but eventually got a bus to McLeod Ganj. McLeod Ganj is a 40 minutes bus ride from Dharamshala.(You could also get a cab from there) We reached McLeod Ganj at 8 and after having breakfast(have a heavy one going to need it) and freshening up, started our trek to Triund.
Titas Mazumder
Known as one of the most popular and easy treks in Himachal Pradesh, Triund is located 10 km away from Mcleodganj. The trail is beautifully lined with Rhododendron trees and cherry on the higher ranges that makes for an absolutely the stunning view of Dhauladhar Range. And while going up the enchanting natural walkway, one begins to find life lessons that are not available in the urban cluster. So, here are the things I learned while going up there in the mountains.Never Underestimate yourself
Jayati Sen
Romance with Himachal is not yet over. Evening is quite chilly in the third week of November. McLeodganj, being on the top of the hill is colder than Dharamshala. Mcleodganj has its own charm. From Thangkas to prayer wheels, jewelleries, incense sticks, Tibetan art and crafts, woollen garments, shawls made up of yak wool, everything is available in McLeodganj market. It is better to buy these Tibetan stuffs from McLeodganj as in Dharamshala where we later moved, could not find any such beautiful items. Next day after reaching here, we strolled in the market and got hold of some books on Tibetan folklores, festival and folk culture, Tibetan incense sticks made of medicinal herbs and Tibetan shawl made up of yak wool and some other knick-knack. We also looked into the open stalls of hawkers selling Tibetan jewellery, artefacts etc and I must admit they are really tempting. After a quick exploration of the shops, we were heading towards the hotel but stopped by a roadside open space. The sun was ready to set, the misty mountains all around bidding adieu.
Jayati Sen
Our car ran through the narrow, steep roads with hair-pin bends. We could see the sky reaching mountains with tall, green deodar trees adoring the mountains. As we were reaching the suburbs of McLeodganj, buildings, shops and concrete structures all suddenly appeared by the side of the road. What a narrow road and what a steep rise! Shops with curios, woollen garments...carpets...colourful stones and Tibetan people, maroon robe clad monks, tourists walking leisurely, our car with a slow speed progressed towards the hotel. A beautiful holiday mood I could smell. I was hopeful that our stay of 5 days would be thrilling