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Tour guides and agencies mention that the best months to visit are from September to June.
Visit the Tibetan learning centre here.
It all depends on how long one plans to stay here and the type of accommodation needed.

McLeod Ganj

This place can be found in upper Dharamshala and yes it is a very famous tourist spot. Having been named after David McLeod, this place now happens to be the seat and abode of the Dalai Lama on a temporary basis. McLeodganj is also home to an important Tibetan learning centre. The town is also referred to as ‘Little Lhasa’ and this indicates the Buddhist influence upon the place. The town has a number of temples, edifices, monasteries and spots that make it an important tourist site. If one has a list of things to do in Dharamshala, visiting McLeodganj should be on the very top of it.
Smriti Shukla
No trip to hills is complete without a little shopping, Mcleod Ganj shopping street is filled with singing bowls, Buddha statues, prayer wheels, and flags. You can buy colorful handicraft jewelry, local Tibetan handicrafts, bags, and decorative knickknacks.
After visiting temple, we searched restaurant to have lunch. We returned to hotel room after lunch and laid on bed to relax. We packed our bags in the evening and went to bus stand. There we found some local shops to buy spiritual decor for house.
1200hrsI then went shopping for mementos, Tibetan cutlery, Korean noodles and semi-precious jewellery at the temple road market. I visited another temple located right in the middle of the market and then headed for lunch.I visited Tibet Kitchen, a restaurant located at the main square that serves delicious Tibetan and Indian food. Here I gorged on several plates of momos and thukpa, and felt like my trip to Himachal was finally successful.1330hrs
Vatsal Nandu
anshul akhoury
Waste Warriors – With its head office in Dehradun, Waste Warriors has been working in the Himalayan regions of Mcleodganj and Corbett for many years. This year, they will be commencing their operations in the Spiti region. Waste Warriors visits Triund for weekly cleaning and invites volunteers to take part in this campaign. Come summers, the influx of tourism will hit the Dhauldhars and you can apply for the volunteership. The volunteering period ranges from single cleaning campaign to the time period you find convenient enough. Apart from cleaning campaigns, you can also join waste warriors to conduct education programs, art installations and wall murals.