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My Yellow Plate
The Dresden Zwinger ranks among Germany’s most well-known Baroque buildings and is, apart from the Dresden Frauenkirche, certainly the most famous building monument in Dresden. It now houses several museums and galleries.
Ryan And Ron
One of the most amazing sights for us was the Zwinger. This amazing complex wascommissioned by Augustus II (the Strong), the elector of Saxony and king of Poland due to his passion for collecting paintings, sculpture, antiquities, but especially porcelain. His collection included 14,500 pieces of porcelain from China and Japan. He established the porcelain factory at Meissen in 1710. Augustus admitted his passion for porcelain was his maladie de porcelaine (porcelain sickness). Augustus began to build the Zwinger in 1711. It resembles a palace and can easily be mistaken for one. The architect Matthaus Daniel Poppelmann designed it. The Zwinger was destroyed during World War II and partly reconstructed in 1952 and 1963. Now it is fully reconstructed and restored, displaying the famous porcelain collection.