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Paradise beach

Sumanth Katta
Rini Biswas
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Anjali Swamy
hen you move onto to Paradise Beach, our ultimate destination. Mind you, this is not in goa, technically its in Maharashtra side. You will cross the border and maybe checked, so be smart. You will arrive at Paradise Beach. You come here and will understand why its called so. There are no shacks here. There might only be some 500 people here and the water is see-through. This is one of those hidden gems that if maintained will continue to delight. Spend as much time here as possible. Its isolated, quiet, clean and unlike most places associated with the country. Once you’ve had your fill, return along the same route, though it can be a lil harrowing at night, because of lack of street lights. Again be smart and drive safe. Arrive back on beaches of goa. If you still got some left in the tank, stop at any of the above mentioned places to start the night off right. Mind you, the parties can last all night and well into the next day.