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Flower Exhibition Centre

A delightful tropical nursery, the Flower Exhibition Center in Gangtok is a heaven for plant lovers. The area is a lovely extend of greenery and is a genuine treat to the eyes. This is likewise the venue of the acclaimed Sikkim Flower Show, normally held around March, when the orchids around the district are in full sprout. Individuals from around the country particularly go to Sikkim around this opportunity to go to this beautiful event. Inside the range is not vast but rather it has astonishing gathering of flowers of a wide range. If you have a thing for flowers, then this is the spot for you. Be that as it may, the best time is between March to June when the Orchids are in full bloom and put on display. Every single Flowering plant are marked with the goal that you know which is what. There is a little footbridge over a small artificial pool that you can stroll over. The spot is perfect for incredible photography amongst bright flowers and bushes.
Sneha Roy
"A flower a day, can brighten up your day"(at least it always works for me!) Imagine what a medium sized greenhouse filled with different varieties flowers could do! Certainly, no less than magic i guess! My mom has great interest in gardening and hence, visiting the "Flower Exhibition Centre" was a must. The exhibition centre is very close to M.G.Marg (in fact walking distance), and hence it was our first stop. This little place is a heaven for flower lovers - with a riot of colors and fragrances. One will find different varieties of colorful flowers all around you - specially a great variety of orchids. The best time to witness this place in its full glory is during the annual flower exhibition (held during April-May).Entry Time :- 8:30 am to 5:00 pmEntry Fee :- Rs10/-
La Vie en Rose
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Ranjan Singh
With a 20 minute walk from city centre you can enter in to world of variety of flowers and shrubs and park located along beautiful road and nearby Chief Minister residence, it is must visit for flower lovers and famous for annual orchid exhibition show.there are Gazebos (a seating area) in park where you can enjoy the ambience.entry fee is 10 rupees per head and it closes 5:30 in the evening so i advice to cover this point first in the morning.