Feldberg 1/undefined by Tripoto


Priyank Aggarwal
when you reach Feldberg you can see lot of people going for a trek and a map is given for the path of different trek, You can choose any one of them. Trekking through think jungles is amazing experience.> Trek up to reach Bismark monument or if you feel tired you can take a Cable car ride up to the top of the Feldberg. The views from the top are amazing.>You will see the fascinating FELDSEE lake. The lake is totally surrounded by thick dark forests and looks of lake from above are out of world.>Visit the Feldsee lake close up and enjoy the peace by the side of the lake.> Manage you time properly for the trek or choose a shorter hiking trial based on the time you have. Because you can get a bit lost in the forests as well..( We got lost and caught the last bus just in time from Feldberg)