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Pranav Harish
Day 7An overnight bus from Strasbourg will take you to the neighboring city of Freiburg, in Germany. It is in the Baden-wine growing region and it the gateway to the Black Forest.One day is enough to explore this quaint city and its Gothic architecture, pretty cobble-streets, the medieval cathedral Freiburg Munster, the cities unusual system of gutters called Freiburg Bachle which were never intended to be used for sewage purposes, and Martinstor, one of the original city gates.
Divas Bahuguna
Divas Bahuguna
Priyank Aggarwal
You can do trek in lot of places in Black Forest, but we planned a trek in feldberg. First we reached Freiburg, which is the biggest city in Black Forest. You can easily get buses or Train to Freiburg from all major nearby cities.FREIBERG -----> TITISEE
Shruti Chaudhuri
Freiburg, a city in Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany, is best known for its medieval church and its university.